The Step-By-Step Guide To Unlocking Every Character In Subway Surfers

The Step-By-Step Guide To Unlocking Every Character In Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers, the most popular and best Super Runner mobile game, has officially turned ten. Since its release in 2012, the video game has been downloaded three billion times. Because the game is about escaping a harsh Inspector and his dog, the Surfer you wish to play with is crucial.


Although the character you choose does not affect how the game is played, players may opt to switch between them based on their tastes. Some players may also seek to obtain all of them to fully utilize the game’s possibilities. This page will teach you about the various characters in Subway Surfers, how to open them, and some quick methods.


The characters from Subway Surfers are introduced.


Subway Surfers has 30 characters to choose from. Jake is the first character and a Core Crew member. Some characters additionally come with unique outfits that can drastically alter their appearance.


Jake will be the default character, but the remaining 29 must be unlocked. The truth is that neither temperament would assist you in any way. If you want your character to appear important, let’s look at the numerous characters in Subway Surfers.


Where can I locate the entire cast of Subway Surfers?


You must do the following to see and unlock all the characters in Subway Surfers:


  • Navigate to the “Me” section of the game’s Home Screen.
  • There are three tabs in the “Me” section: “Characters,” “Boards,” and “Upgrades.” It is necessary to go to the Character Tab.


Now that we understand where we’re going let’s look at the characters we can use and how we’ll get them.


Hints and Tips for Subway Surfers’ Characters


This is an optional section where visitors can learn how to utilize their resources and money to unlock all characters. Here’s some helpful information about creating a character.


Management of Coins


If you look closely, you’ll see that Coins can unlock the bulk of the Surfers. To gain all of the characters that are accessed with coins, you’d need 1.97 million dollars, according to math.


Compile a coin collection.


This is the quickest approach to getting your desired persona. Even if the track is clear of hazards, you should always try to switch to the parallel tracks by touching left and right to prevent missing the coins on those courses. When your character has a Jetpack, swipe left and right quickly to get the most money from each side.


Use your coins wisely.


The second factor to consider that’s where you’ll spend your money. Spend your Coins entirely on upgrading executive authority equipment and unlocked characters if you want to unlock new characters. Wait until you’ve completed playing on your favorite character before spending your coins on other stuff in the game.


Choose your alternatives wisely.


The final and most important stage is to decide what you want to do. Mathematically, you cannot unlock all identities in a single day. It would be beneficial if you could identify your favorite character. Once you’ve selected what’s most essential, invest in that character and save money for the rest later.


Management is very important.


Some of the characters can also be accessed through the use of Keys. To back up your expertise with numbers, unlocking all unlockable characters with Keys would require 1542 Keys. Keys, the game’s secondary currency, are harder to obtain than big coins. As a result, good management of them is also essential:


  • It would be advantageous to begin by purchasing Hoverboards with your Keys. Don’t waste them by reviving your character following a crash. Once you’ve unlocked all of the characters, you can use your Keys to resurrect them and attempt to break the record.
  • It is, once again, contingent on the work at hand. Determine the order in which you wish to invest and go from there.
  • Take part in hunts that are only accessible for a limited time.


Players should also make the most of the 20-Day Season Hunt Events. Participation in these Tier-Based Events will allow you to unlock specific unique characters. They can also help you collect Event Coins, which you can use to unlock one or two characters.


Furthermore, the mystery boxes you obtain at each level may include Coins and Keys, the game’s primary currencies that can be used to unlock characters. Please do not let this deter you from visiting these events.


Consider your choices before investing in pricey characters.


When you look over the list of characters, you’ll see that some of them cost money to unlock. We think you should obtain the other characters first before pursuing them. This is due to the Developers’ occasional distribution of free Promo Codes that can be used to gain some Premium Characters. So, to prevent losing out on freebies, buy some time and look for ways to invest money.




When a new update is released, players should be aware that some characters may emerge and go from the game. This page will be updated as more characters are added to the game. If you’re having trouble unlocking your favorite character, you can look at this guide for help.


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