How To Use A Free Online PDF Editor To Change PDF Files


PDF, also called “Portable Document Format,” is among the most common file types used on computers and phones. Adobe made it in 1992 so images and text could be shown in a file format separate from each other. But it can be hard to change a PDF file you got from someone else or download it from a website. Even though there are tools like Adobe Acrobat and others online to help you edit, they are quite pricey.


How to Make Changes to PDFs with PDFescape


Here, you can use PDFescape editor, an online PDF editor, which is the best way to change PDFs. It is a free downloadable editor and converter that helps you format PDF files. You can also make PDFs online and send them to other people using a link that can be shared.


PDFescape online also lets you password-protect PDFs, start changing PDF tags, add images to PDFs, sign PDFs with a digital signature, and do other things. Follow these instructions to edit a PDF file using the PDFescape internet PDF editor on any web browser, such as Chrome Browser, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, etc.


  • Go to the website for the PDFescape editor.
  • Put your PDF file online here. Or, use PDFescape to open your PDF file.
  • Then, tap the “Text Button” on the “Insert Tab” to change the text in your PDF file.
  • Now, go to the document tab, where you can delete, add, or change the text you already have, and wait for your cursor to show up.
  • Drag the cursor to make a text block and type your text to add text.
  • The backspace key can be used to get rid of any text. You can add pictures and make your text stand out with the PDFescape editor.


Also, if you download the PDFescape editor to your Windows system, you can change your PDF files. PDFescape is an online pdf editor that works with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.


  • Start by putting the PDFescape editor on your Windows desktop by downloading it.
  • Start the software and use the tools to upload the PDF file you want to change.
  • In addition to compressing, merging, and converting documents, the desktop version allows you to edit, add, and delete words and images and add page numbers, among many other capabilities.


How to protect your PDF files


You can protect a PDF with a strong password if you don’t want other people to be able to change it. This means that you can keep your PDF in a “read-only” format, where people can only read the text and need a password to change it.


This is an excellent way to keep private information, such as research papers, frameworks, etc., safe while showing them to the public. You can do the same thing by making you possess a password for their PDF file with PDFescape. Let’s look at what it has to offer.


The free version of PDFescape includes these features:


  • PDF file editor
  • Fill PDF forms
  • Fill out PDF forms
  • Use a password to lock PDF files.
  • Share PDF files online using a PDF viewer
  • PDF files can be annotated to add notes or descriptions.


PDFescape’s paid version, PDFescape Premium, has the following features:


  • All of the characteristics of the free version of PDFescape
  • Editor for text and pictures
  • PDF document printing PDF file merger
  • Change PDF files into Word files and other file types
  • Add a watermark to promote your brand.
  • Insert page numbers
  • PDF compressor to reduce the file size


Why might you want to change a PDF?


You might want to change a PDF for more than one reason. We’ll list a few of the main usage and ways people like to edit PDFs below:


Document form-filling


You must have come across records that needed forms to be filled out. A PDF file with many blank spaces had to be filled out, sometimes with personal information. Rarely are these files saved in a format other than PDF, so the next step is to fill them out. PDF files can’t be changed, which makes it hard for users to fill them out.


PDFBear’s PDF Editor makes it easy to add text anywhere in the document. You can also add images, your handwritten signature, or highlights. An online editor is helpful because it lets you fill in the blanks with text, add a passport to a CV, or sign a document.


Keeping notes in class


Because it’s easy and good for the environment, teachers and professors are giving out notes, assignments, and articles online because more students are using the Internet to study. A PDF Editor is a clever way to add text to notes, highlight key points, or add images as references. You don’t have to print out PDF documents anymore, so you can take advantage of what technology offers.




So, this is everything you need to know about using the PDFescape online editor to view, edit, and share PDFs. To start, you need a working internet service and a web browser. You can also use a password to safeguard your PDF file and start giving information to other people. You can begin with the freemium model of PDFescape and switch to the premium upgrade as your needs change.


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