How to Fix “FiveM_b2372_GTA” Crash Error on Windows?

You could enjoy this mistake at the same time as playing on fivem. The error occurs while the fivem_b2372_gta file has crashed, which runs inside the historical past, consequently. Your recreation crashes and you will have to restart, but, it’s not a solution for this.


Screenshot 2022-12-01 213339

We had a investigate this, and we’ve got listed a few reasons underneath:-

Inflamed fivem_b2372_gta- if fivem_b2372_gta uses an excessive amount of cpu and memory, in that case, fivem_b2372_gta may be infected by means of your antivirus and might be a motive for the crash.
Corrupted fivem documents- in case your fivem document gets corrupted or deleted by home windows or antivirus, you could get this mistake.
Malware contamination- if there’s a malware report internal fivem files, you may get this fivem_b2372 error. Experiment your pc with home windows defender or your relied on antivirus software.
Now that we recognise the causes, allow’s soar into a few powerful troubleshooting techniques that helped customers fix this fivem_b2372_gta error.

Delete cache documents
Users said that deleting the cache documents resolves their fivem_b2372_gta errors, clearing the cache will remove junk documents out of your recreation and hold things easy.

Right here you may delete cache documents.

Press home windows + r keys to open run window.

Screenshot 2022-12-01 213539

  1. Type AppData in the Search Box, navigate to the Local folder.
  2. Look for the FiveM folder, then go to FiveM Application data
  3. Here you have to delete the crashes folder. Basically crashes folder has all crashes reports saved in a file format.
  4. Then, navigate to the data folder, you can see a couple of folders, one is cache and the other is game storage.
  5. Screenshot 2022-12-01 213755
  6. First, delete the cache folder check if the persists, if the error is not solved then delete the game-storage folder, after deleting the game-storage folder, you need to update the FiveM.

    Delete Logs Files

    The logs files contain error details and other information about the FiveM, deleting the log files might fix your error, to delete the logs files follow the steps below.

    1. Go back to the FiveM Application data directory and navigate to the logs folder.
    2. Delete all files in the logs folder.
    3. After this, open the game and check if the error persists.

      Adjust your citizenfx report
      Citizenfx is a configuration record of fvem that saves the listing and savedbuildnumber of your sport, enhancing the citizenfx can also fix your fivem_b2372 errors, to modify your citizenfx follow the stairs below:

      Open the run window through urgent windows + r keys.
      Kind appdata within the run window.
      Navigate to the fivem folder, then click on at the fivem software information.

    4. Look for the CitizenFX file, then open the file with notepad.
    5. Remove the SavedBuilderNumber.
    6. Screenshot 2022-12-01 214009
    7. Save your file and run the FiveM and check if the error persists.
    8. Cleanup Your Disk

Going for walks the disk cleanup may fix your error, you can properly delete all temporary files, unnecessary applications, and cache documents the use of this application.

Seasoned tip: if the issue is along with your computer or a computer/pocket book you should try the use of restoro restore that can experiment the repositories and replace corrupt and lacking documents. This works in maximum instances, in which the problem is originated due to a system corruption. You could download restoro with the aid of

Click here for restoro

Here is how you can clean up your disk:

  1. Open the Run Window by pressing the Window + R keys.
  2. Type cleanmgr in the Run Window, and press enter key.
  3. A short Window will appear where the C drive is preselected, press ok to execute
  4. After this, tick all the options in the disk cleanup Window.
  5. Press ok to execute the cleanup process, once done, check if the error is gone.

Verify Your Game Files

There might be a opportunity that the error is going on due to the missing game documents, to repair this. You will have to affirm your recreation, and it’s going to fill the missing documents into the game.

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