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In the race to grow the world’s first digital economy, the concept of ‘Digital India’ has emerged as the road map for our country’s Digital Transformation. The government of India is supporting the use of advanced digital technology to convert the nation into a trillion-dollar knowledge economy to bridge the digital divide. According to the World Bank, technology that smoothly gathers, integrates, and distributes critical data is highly demanded in a country with a billion people, such as India.


Technologies based on analytics, mobility, the Internet of Things, and the most crucial cloud technology create the stepping stones for digital efforts. They are projected to bring about a significant societal shift due to their implementation. Rising cloud service usage in India would enable on-demand and smart-citizen-focused services, changing the corporate sector into incubating new ideas and technologies.


Specifically, according to the Gartner study, “the shift from a cloud-first to a cloud-only paradigm is compelling enterprises in India to raise their expenditures in public cloud services to accelerate their digital business activities.” Diverse Cloud Hosting Providers in India, including ESDS, are gaining popularity in the business world for various reasons, including business continuity solutions, flexibility in operations, scalability of resources, reduced IT costs, increased collaboration efficiency, and automation others.


ESDS is an Indian cloud service provider that provides cloud solutions to India’s Digital India Mission government. This unique cost-optimized cloud solution for dynamic business needs is powered by an innovative patent-protected vertical auto-scaling technology called ‘ESDS eNlight – The Cloud of India.’ Look at some of the cloud-based solutions provided by ESDS.


Cloud Computing for the Government Community:


This is ASDA’s mission to empower the Indian people. It has become the first cloud hosting firm approved by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to supply cloud services to government clients in India. The Government Community Cloud hosts mission-critical applications with increased scalability and flexibility, resulting in more excellent performance and cost savings for government agencies.


ESDS Government Community Cloud solutions provide a comprehensive solution that meets the demands of smart cities in a single package. Additionally, the proactive and professional staff at ESDS is ready 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days a year to support over 100 government and public sector enterprises using its proprietary “Make in India” eNlight cloud technology, a 99.95 percent uptime guarantee.


Cloud Computing for the Banking Community:


The ESDS banking community cloud is designed to meet even the most basic requirements in the economic environment. As part of the ESDS BFSI community cloud, you may provide end-to-end digital banking experiences using innovative technological solutions.


The BFSI community cloud provides security management services to banks, guaranteeing that transactions and banking processes are conducted safely. The devoted proactive staff is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide an ecstatic client experience. The Banking Community Cloud encompasses everything from information technology infrastructure to cloud hosting, digital banking services, and artificial intelligence-based operations for the financial services industry.


ESDS provides sophisticated technological solutions to more than 320 banks on the BFSI Community Cloud platform.


SAP HANA Community Cloud (also known as SAP HANA Cloud)


On the SAP HANA Community Cloud, ESDS provides more than 150 SAP clients. The SAP-certified Community cloud provided by ESDS offers more flexibility and redundancy for the operation of the SAP Landscape. Enterprises may sigh relief since SAP HANA Community Cloud has specified the functionalities of an SAP HANA landscape, saving them a great deal of time and money.


Cloud Computing for the Enterprise Community:


In addition to ensuring practical usage of IT resources, the eNlight Enterprise community cloud also provides configurable data security standards. It provides a more secure computing environment while lowering IT and infrastructure expenses. Additionally, it offers more incredible speed and performance for IT resources, allowing businesses to achieve operational excellence.


eNlight 360°:


It is possible to have the security of a private cloud while still having the scale of a public cloud by using the eNlight 360° orchestration suite. It is a double-patented auto-scaling technique that ensures optimum performance and auto-scalability of virtualized environments. It supports many hypervisors, hybrid clouds, and a comprehensive data center management suite. It provides a unified user interface (UI) for deploying and monitoring IT infrastructure from beginning to finish.




Considering that cloud solutions are essential for digital transformation, the usage of cloud computing is increasing throughout the Indian corporate community. Cloud Computing is a kind of computing that uses the Internet to store data. Companies such as ESDS are continually creating cloud solutions to meet the needs of businesses while also contributing to the Digital India Mission. 


The ESDS eNlight cloud is a cloud computing system geared for dynamic companies’ needs. Through its Made in India eNlight cloud, ESDS provides services to banks, governments, public sector organizations, enterprises, and other industrial sectors.

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