10 Bad Mistakes In Digital Marketing For A Car Dealership You Need To Avoid

Used to be, selling cars was pretty simple. You’d run a weekly ad in the newspaper and send out bulk mailers every few months. You’d rely on cold calling and people stopping by the dealership for the rest. Now that car buyer have so many online resources, these old ways have lost their appeal.


Google, Yelp, and the many other sites for buying and reviewing cars have shook things up a lot. Many car dealers don’t figure out how to avoid making expensive digital marketing mistakes for their dealerships until it’s too late. Your digital marketing plan for your dealership shouldn’t have to go wrong for you to pay attention to it.


  1. You’re ignoring your online presence


The biggest mistake that car dealers make with their online marketing is to ignore it. It’s essential to set aside time to keep up your dealership’s online presence every day. It helps to put together a team to make sure that customers are answered quickly and that the company’s reputation is managed well.


  1. You’re not giving your plan time to work


You have to spend enough time on marketing, but you also have to give it enough time to work. Many dealers give up too soon, but building a successful digital marketing presence takes time.


  1. You’re not changing online information about your dealerships


Your team should keep an eye on your reputation and the online information about your dealership. When people search for local car dealers, how you indicate up depends on how correct your name, address, website, and phone number are.


Some dealerships pay a company to help them with this, but it’s easy to fix these mistakes yourself. Just make sure to Google your business every so often and resolve any wrong information.


  1. You are not posting enough


If you don’t stick to a posting schedule, it’s hard to keep people interested online. Online algorithms are based on several things, one of which is how often you use the Internet. If you require people to know about your dealership, you must post every day.


  1. You don’t respond to customers quickly enough


Possible clients look at the number of stars, but they also like quick answers. If you respond within the first five minutes, you’re 100 times more likely to get in touch with a lead than if you wait 30 minutes. Someone on your team must always be available to talk to customers.


  1. You’re not tracking your progress


It would assist if you weren’t afraid to attempt something new but keep track of what works and what doesn’t. What kinds of marketing are bringing in the most people? What does it look like customers like? Are these ways of getting people to buy cars? Knowing what your customers like makes it easier to plan future campaigns.


  1. You merely publish advertisements


The target is to sell vehicles, but posting the same ad repeatedly is not how to do it. Think about putting up customer service tips, video blogs, photos, and reviews from happy customers. Show people around your car lot or introduce them to the people who work there. Followers don’t want spammy ads when they look on social media. Instead, they want information that is useful or entertaining.


  1. Your dealer websites are not mobile-friendly


If you require long-term success with digital marketing for your dealer, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. When mobile use has grown by 77%, ease of use is essential. If your site doesn’t work on a smartphone, you’re missing out on many potential car sales.


  1. You’re scared of giving up bulk mailers


No one is saying you have to stop using mailers completely, but car dealerships have many better options. You can do many of them cheaply and in-house, so you don’t have to hire someone else.


Send out texts and emails, post on social media, and take the time to put videos of your dealership on YouTube. These methods are cheap, but they are also a better way to market to many people who want to buy a car, whether they live close by or far away.


  1. You’re not using your CRM tools to their full potential


CRM tools can help you manage your inventory and schedule appointments, but they can also help you market your dealership online. Here are some methods your CRM can assist your online marketing:


  • Set up text and email initiatives in bulk.
  • Analyze customer groups and market to them.
  • Use the CRM mobile app to respond to your customers quickly.
  • Write down the lead source to find out how the customer listened to your dealership.


Digital dealership marketing isn’t just a fad; it’s a new way to make money for many car dealers. Gather your team, make a plan, and keep your audience interested with fun and exciting content. Don’t get left behind while everyone else goes digital.

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