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Want to know what the marketing trends are for 2022? Then read on, as this is the subject of today’s article!

5 marketing trends to prepare for and get ahead

The last few years were times of great adaptations for all markets, and it was no different with digital marketing.

In addition to accelerating the migration process of most companies to the online universe, the pandemic also brought a new normal for marketers.

In parallel, users’ behavior has changed not only in online consumption habits but also in the way they relate to brands. Thus, being aware of marketing trends is essential to remain competitive in this new scenario.

To help you on this journey, we’ve listed the top 5 marketing trends for 2022 that you should watch out for if you want to stand out in the coming year. Check out!

Optimization for voice searches

One of the top marketing trends is voice searches. Those are carried out through dialogue with intelligent assistants, such as Siri, from Apple; Microsoft’s Cortana; or Alexa, from Amazon.

This resource, which had already been conquering its space, gained even more prominence after Covid-19. The use of virtual assistants increased by about 47% during the pandemic.

The reason for this increase is simple: voice searches are faster and more convenient than traditional ones. In this way, they are a great solution for users looking for specific information in a short time.

Especially if you work with blog posts, it’s important to be aware of this trend. After all, people don’t type the way they talk. Therefore, keywords for voice searches may be different and require re-optimization for SEO.

Influencer marketing


Influencer marketing is about independent content producers. That is, digital influencers, people who have a strong digital presence and a loyal and engaged audience in their publications and opinions.

Thus, the objective of this strategy is to use the influence of these people to build a connection between the brand and a new audience. In our country, an Ibope survey revealed that more than 50% of users are in the habit of consuming products or services recommended by influencers.

This happens because when an influencer promotes a brand, he is passing on part of his credibility to it. That way, if the person has a really engaged audience, this can mean several new business opportunities for your company.

Real people’s opinions: the relevance of the UGC


First of all, UGC is the acronym for “User-Generated Content” or “User-Generated Content  . Generally speaking, it’s about the process of inserting your customers’ opinions into your marketing strategy.

You’ve probably already reached the comments section of a product before finalizing the purchase, right? This is UGC!

This is one of the top marketing trends to win over customers in 2022. Since, more and more, people prioritize investing in products or services from the recommendation of a friend or acquaintance.

social selling


At first, Social selling is the English term for “Social Sales” . In practice, the concept represents the action of prospecting and relating to potential customers through social networks to get them to close the purchase.

Investing in social selling is investing in the relationship with the user. That way, when you create this close relationship with your audience, your brand will certainly be the first one they think of when they are ready to make the purchase.

Therefore, we can say that this is also one of the marketing trends for 2022 . Especially if we consider that if we want a customer to complete the purchase tomorrow, we need to start interacting with him today.

Brands that take a stand


Anyone who thinks that guaranteeing the best quality or the lowest price is enough to sell more is wrong. One of the marketing trends today is that people are interested in buying from brands that take a stand on important issues.

Users no longer want to consume from any company. They want to consume from a company that is conscious and aligned with their causes .

In this way, it is essential to work on your business ‘ brand positioning to ensure that your company’s values ​​and beliefs are clear to your potential customers, as, as we have seen, affinity has become a fundamental criterion.

The importance of inbound marketing in this scenario

So far, we’ve seen the differences between each of the marketing trends for the year ahead. But, after all, what unites all these ideas?

Inbound marketing is the secret to a successful digital marketing strategy. After all, there’s no denying it: it’s all about content!

  • Rank on Google? Content that answers the user’s question;
  • Ensuring good referral partners? Content that generates value for followers;
  • Open space for user participation? Having content that deserves feedback;
  • Connect with the public on the networks? Produce specific content for each platform.

The fact is, inbound marketing is a marketing trend that never goes out of style. But today, more than ever, mastering this strategy is crucial to the success of a marketing plan.

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