Top PC Games of 2022

Top PC Games of 2022

The supply of PC components and their sale might have been affected due to the worldwide shortage of chips and the constant rise in prices. However, PC gaming still hits the perfect spot for every player. For years gamers have been able to play numerous engaging games on their PC and have seen their favorite game series expand in regards to graphics, storylines as well as overall gameplay. If you’re one of those who just got the chance to own a top-quality gaming computer or laptop and are looking forward to playing several of the top famous games ever played Don’t worry about it. We’ve put together an assortment of the most exciting games worth playing.


Certain of the names listed in this list could require you to have a good computer, and some will run on a less expensive built system as well. In light of that let’s look at the top PC games you should be sure to try at least once. Here are the games that we enjoyed most when playing. There is no ranking system in this list and all games are listed alphabetically.


The Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV is one of the top Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games of recent times. It incorporates some of the finest elements from earlier Age of Empire titles, particularly Age of Empires II. Relic Entertainment is the developer. Relic Entertainment brings gamers back to their classic medieval history books With different civilizations that offer distinct capabilities. For instance, the game of playing as Mongols allows players to take their town in a pack and move around in a nomadic manner. In the same way, as it is possible to play as the Delhi Sultanate offers the ability to study technologies and upgrades by replacing sources with scholars. Gamers can form teams in groups of up to 7 players in both PVP and PVE modes.


Valhalla, Assassin’s creed Valhalla

The game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla utilizes the tried-and-tested RPG adventure game formula of the Assassin’s Creed Origins along with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and finetunes it to perfect. With numerous updates and improvements, The game has gradually become one of our top games with a Viking theme that we’ve played to date. Ubisoft continues to update the game, and every expansion introduces new stories and worlds to discover.


Battlefield 2: Bad Company 2

Battlefield Bad Company 2 The game is the last installment in the Bad Company story. Bad Company 2 is largely thought to be the most enjoyable game in the Battlefield series to date. It was released in 2010 and was an immediate successor to Battlefield: Bad Company. The inclusion of multiplayer in this game was a welcomed step forward and helped this game stick out more. It’s the Battlefield series is famous for its adrenaline-pumping gameplay, and Bad Company 2 can provide all of it with a solid storyline and a decent storyline.


“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games created Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as the last chapter of the Modern Warfare series. Modern Warfare 3 picks up exactly in the place that Modern Warfare 2 left things in the past, with Captain Price and Soap playing the main part as part of Task Force 141. The search of Russian terrorist Vladimir Makarov continues in this installment as he terrorizes the majority of Europe. The game also introduces new characters into the mix.



Perhaps the most bizarre game in Remedy, Control lets players take control (pun meant) of Jesse Faden’s character as she searches for the remains of The Federal Bureau Of Control’s main office. The game’s storyline may sound a bit boring at the beginning however, as you play you gradually get a feel of the fascinatingly bizarre setting and also the interdimensional antagonist that is the Hiss.


One of the most exciting aspects of the game is Jesse’s telekinetic powers that can be utilized as a weapon of great power to defeat opponents. The telekinesis power is the only weapon Jesse has – the Service Weapon. It can be modified by unlocking different options that alter its appearance from a simple pistol to a long-range pseudo-sniper. There’s talk of the possibility of a sequel to Control — a larger-budget game — but it will take a while time before it’s available.


Grand Theft Auto V

It’s taken nine years to get GTA 5 was released, therefore why is it still popular now in 2022? The action-packed sandbox can be played with PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. Players are thrown in the deep end of what is considered to be the top game of the franchise. Everything from the optimized vehicles and weapons to the humorous dialog between characters The game is refined and polished. With fake ads in the game spouting jokes and a fantastic soundtrack, driving without a plan feels enjoyable.


Doom Eternal

The most recent game from the legendary Doom series, Doom Eternal was released on the 20th of March 2020. It was developed through id Software and published by Bethesda Doom Eternal’s story takes place following the events on Mars in the previous game. Earth is ravaged by the demon forces which have destroyed over half of the inhabitants of the earth. The game has been hailed as being among the best first-person shooter series by Bethesda.



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