Realme Cobble Speaker Review

Realme Cobble Speaker Review

Realme may be most well-known for its smartphones, however, the company has branched out into various product segments since its inception in the year 2018. Realme now offers streaming devices and televisions such as earphones, wearables, tablets, and laptops, as well as smart home appliances in India. In recent times, Realme also entered the Bluetooth speaker category by offering low-cost models that include features you wouldn’t normally find on other products at the same price. The product I’m reviewing today is the Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker, which promises all of that and more.



Priced at Rs. 1,799 in India The Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker offers an array of features you will not see at this and quality, such as 5W audio output as well as USB Type-C charging and the ability to customize it using The Realme Link app. Do you think this is the most portable wireless speaker you could buy now, with a limited budget?



Loud and Good Sound Quality

The majority of wireless speakers at or below Rs. 2000. They aren’t huge and are designed for an intimate or small-radius listening experience. It’s the Realme Cobble is simply this. It is, however, fairly loud for its cost and size when the volume is raised and can sound good even at the 80 percent level.


The speaker’s top-firing driver ensures that the sound spreads effectively around the device This lets it be utilized in nearly any location, including hanging from the strap. Even though it is prone to vibration during normal usage, however, the rubber feet make it steady when it is it is placed on any flat surface. I discovered the multi-function button to be easy to reach when using the speaker at my office desk.


While listening to Everlasting Days by Nu: Logic when the volume was increased and the volume turned up, the Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker made the perfect listening experience with the sound being clear and unified for a device with this price and size. The Cobble was capable of keeping up with the ever-changing speed and intensity of the track, however, the low-end did not seem as powerful as I’d like it to as the bass seemed somewhat dull and lacking in a bass thump.


Realme Link App Support

The name “Cobble” refers to cobblestone, which was a popular construction material used for streets pavements, roads, and even buildings. The speaker is oval and features a huge grille over the driver’s top. The Realme logo is etched into the center of the grille. it came with a black version to conduct this review. It’s not just black. Cobble can also be found in blue with a unique camouflage design on the grille, instead of the Realme logo.

The Realme Cobble is neither big nor wide It sits securely on any surface thanks to rubber feet that are small at the bottom. The speaker’s one side features a fixed strap that allows for ease of handling, and the other side features an elastic flap that covers the USB Type-C port. Its Realme Cobble speaker is IPX5 certified for water resistance and therefore should be in a position to take the occasional splash of water.


The front panel has two buttons. One is for power and the second is a multi-purpose button. It can be set to control playback or other functions. The various button presses can be customized using Realme Link. Realme Link app, and the speaker automatically switches into pairing mode if it’s not connected to any device. The speaker also features a microphone, as well as indicator light at the front of the speaker.

The Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker has one driver of 5W. It makes use of Bluetooth 5 for connectivity with support for SBC as well as AAC Bluetooth codecs. In the bundle is the USB Type C charging cable. The speaker weighs less than 200g, which makes it easy for carrying around.

It is possible to use the Realme Link app can be utilized to modify the button’s behavior and also to turn off the auto power-off feature to cut off the power source when the speaker is inactive for 15 mins, enable the game mode with low latency, and switch between the equalizer settings. The app can also display the level of the battery in the speaker. It also can be used to set up stereo pairing if you own additional Realme Cobble speakers. These are excellent options for a cheap wireless speaker, but most other models in this price range aren’t as useful.


Realme’s debut Bluetooth speaker available in India is remarkable for many reasons however, what is most notable is the value that can be found in this particular model. At Rs. 1,799 it’s an excellent wireless speaker for a compact size. It has an attractive design, the ability to customize through an app IPX5 water resistance, and decent audio.


Although it’s not as bassy as one might expect The Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker offers an accurate, clear, and fairly powerful sound quality for the money. There’s not much to complain about this Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker, and it’s been the top of my choices for this class.




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