Top 5 Paying Jobs In 2021


Covid-19 pandemic has brought new digital transformation in the world. It has opened varied dimensions with a colossal amount of opportunities which requires attention in today’s time. We are aware that this new digital world requires technology-related skills, therefore the jobs related to technology are in surge. As well as, the pandemic has severely attacked the medical base of the world. Infact, the demand for Physicians and Surgeons is always high. So in the world where one needs to be skilled in information technology, healthcare, finance, management, law there are bundles of options waiting with high earnings.

Here are the top 5 paying jobs which will pay you colossal amount:

Data Scientist: Data Scientist is one of the topmost paying jobs in 2021. And the fact that there is a 29% increase in demand for Data Scientists, proves it as one of the best options to forward your career in. A Data Scientist is one who excels in Microsoft Excel, has good command over programming languages like Python, R, Java. The Professionals have to understand machine learning algorithms, use different statistical methods and data analysis. They must excel in creating data models and provide conclusions to the business. The yearly income of professional scientists is estimated to be $150,000 which makes it one of the highest paying jobs of 2021.
Physicians and Surgeons: The pandemic has shook the medical field completely, but thanks to our life saviors, who worked 24*7 to save millions of lives. The job of a Doctor does not only give you a high payroll, but also immense respect in society. A noble profession in which doctors diagnose their patients, treat their illness and provide medical care, perform surgeries. To become a doctor, you need to have a degree in medicine. There are a number of options available in the medical field which you can choose. If you have a good image as a doctor and surgeon, you can earn a lavish amount of money. The estimated median earning amount of surgeons and doctors is $150,000-$200,000.
Big Data Engineer: 2021 is the new generation of digitally advanced technologies. The Internet is now one of the basic necessities to survive on. For it made people able to do any work by the internet. So we cannot think of surviving without the internet now. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated by the users each day. To draw results from such a vast amount of data, there is an increase in demand for Big Data Engineer. They use programming languages to draw insights from data. They make important data available across the company and can be used in various departments. Data Visualization Skills, Analytical Skills, Good Programming knowledge, Skill of Data Mining, Familiarity with Advanced Technology are some of the basic demanded skills if one wants to land in high paying tech jobs. The average salary of the Big Data Engineer is $120,000-$140,000 making it in the list of the top 5 paying jobs of 2021.
Blockchain Developer: Blockchain Technology has brought revolution by providing great transparency in developing and executing architecture using Blockchain. It has revived everything from currency transactions, data security and handling to internet connectivity. The worldwide money to spend on this technology is estimated to reach 15.9 billion by 2023 which means that there will be a surge in demand of professionals in this field. Due to lack of skilled professionals, Blockchain Developers are provided with good salaries. The average salary of Blockchain Engineer is about $150,000 making it the list of top 5 paying jobs in 2021. Both private and public sectors are yearning to hire specialists for their business. Blockchain Developers should have solid programming skills, solid understanding of Blockchain architecture and data structures. They tend to supervise and manage the blockchain applications. They should have good knowledge of Blockchain platforms like Ethereum, R3, EOS etc.
Chartered Accountant: A Chartered Accountant is one of the noble professions which provides you handsome pay. A CA works in all fields of business and finance which includes taxation, auditing, financial and general management. A CA must have strong communication skills to explain complex financial matters in an easy way to their clients. He must be aware of all rules and regulations to be able to convey them to their clients. A CA helps in understanding issues related to finances, GST reforms, changes in taxation policies and so on. This makes the job of a CA, valuable and important in all aspects, making it one of the top paying jobs in 2021. The earning range of a Ca increases on the numbers of experience and expertise. An experienced CA can earn an average salary of about $90,000-$120,000.

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