WordPress Theme Detector: How To Find What Theme A Website Is Using

WordPress Theme Detector: How To Find What Theme A Website Is Using

WordPress is the most common and well-known tool for building websites today. The system is completely free and can be used by anyone. To make a website in WordPress, you need to install WordPress on a web server. Websites can be hosted on either a web server or a network host.

WordPress is the most popular blogging and website maintenance system on the web right now. WordPress is used on over 60 million websites on the internet right now. When you use a WordPress theme to set up a website, you don’t need to know how to code.

Should a person who makes websites have any trouble setting them up? The person can go to YouTube and watch a tutorial on how to use WordPress. There are lessons on how to use WordPress on YouTube, from basic to advanced.

What is the WordPress Theme Detector?

As the name of this tool suggests, the WordPress theme detector can find out where a theme came from and a lot of other information. If the page you’re looking for is made with WordPress, the tool will also show you important details, such as its current version, hosting supplier, theme title and price, etc. You don’t have to copy the whole idea of that website.

You can change it to fit the needs of your website by mixing and matching different layouts. Since WordPress is open source, the tools that can scan its themes are also free. From the point of view of many IT professionals, the WordPress theme detector is an extremely useful tool. Here are a few more reasons why we need a specific tool to find WordPress themes.

Why do we need the WordPress Theme Detector tool?

1. From the website owner’s point of view

If someone wants to start an online business, they may or may not know the technical details of building, designing, and marketing a website. But the goal of every website owner is to have it done how he or she imagines it.

You can look online for websites related to your business to get an idea for a theme. You can utilize the WordPress theme detector tool to find out where our team came from if you think it’s interesting. Write down the details on paper, and then contact a web design company to get the job done.

2. From the viewpoint of a website designer

Giving the job to a company that makes websites doesn’t mean that everything is done. The website owner can choose any WordPress theme, but it’s up to the designer to suggest the best one. The website the owner suggests might look great, but it might not be useful for selling your product or service.

In this case, they use the WordPress theme detector tool to identify the themes the website owner likes the most. In many cases, the shareholders of a website hire a professional agency to do everything, from building the site to promoting it. They are responsible for choosing the right theme and making the inside look good.

In the end, the website only wants to see good results. The Online WordPress theme detector tool is also helpful in this case. It helps find the best theme that is popular right now among all competitors. After looking at the flaws inside the websites of competitors, the site’s designers give it a unique interface.

3. From the point of view of the end-user

Always remember that all the work you put into making a site interesting is for the end users. If a user looking for your products or services gets to your website but finds it hard to figure out what it’s about, they will move on to other options.

Knowing a great theme is key to getting a website to the top of the rankings. People are more likely to want to come back if it is interesting and easy to use. You can get an idea from the themes of the top players. Since WordPress is an online system, you can use the same theme multiple times.

Choose websites that are easy to use and rank high. Use the WordPress theme detector tool to find out where they came from. If the people who use your website start to like how it works, the number of people who visit will increase.

How does the WordPress Theme Detector work?

You should know that the WordPress theme detector can only find a theme if it is part of the WordPress content management system. Still, this tool will help you find many options.

1) Look for the tools to find WordPress themes from the home page.

2) Pick a theme tool for WordPress and open it.

3) The web address will be asked for in a blank space. Copy the web address (URL) of the site you want to find.

4) Once you put the URL in the space provided and click the “detect” button, you’ll see everything you need to know about this theme.

  • Theme Name
  • Theme Homepage
  • Author
  • Author Homepage
  • Description
  • Version
  • License


Based on the statistics above, it is evident that the WordPress theme detector is an extremely valuable tool for both new and existing websites. It is among the best ways to come up with new ideas. Along with how it looks, you can also find a theme that works technically with your business in every way.

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