The Most Reliable iPhone Data Recovery Software For Mac In 2023


Have you lost the information on your iPhone without a backup and are looking for a way to get it back? If you use a third-party tool to recover your lost data, you will require a system or PC to operate the recovery program. In this case, the best alternatives are utilities that work with both Windows and Mac.


In terms of what’s popular now, iPhone data recovery mac initiatives have gotten much attention. The article below discusses some of the most popular data recovery tools that use Macs.


Part 1: Top 3 Mac Tools for Recovering Lost iPhone Data


The list leaves on and on when you look at all the different iPhone data recovery programs. These tools make it easy to get lost information from an iOS device. The combination of Mac and iOS gives you fast performance, quick system response, and many other benefits. After talking about the top 3 iPhone data recovery tools for Macs, what comes next?


Easy iPhone Data Recovery


If you lose data on your iPhone without backing it up first, Easily, iPhone Data Recovery is an all-in-one recovery tool. The backup process can also be slowed down by bad connectivity and failed system updates. With this tool, users can quickly retrieve all the information they lost.


The software greets users with the newest and most exciting ways to recover lost iPhone data. The system works well with Windows and Mac systems to get the highest data recovery rate from an iPhone. Everyone likes the software because it gives quick results.


The program’s best features are that it can recover data selectively, get data from iTunes and iCloud, support 36+ file formats, scan 1000+ media files per second, etc. The software has extra features like using the latest technology, a wide range of versions that work with iOS devices, file preview, and safe recovery. For more convenience, you can reinstate iPhone data on several iOS platforms.


Disk Drill for Mac


Disk Drill is a great software for Windows and Mac computers that can recover iPhone data. It works well to recover iPhone data that has been lost, damaged, or deleted. You can use the program to find lost photos, videos, audio files, and documents on memory cards, iOS and Android devices, RAID arrays, and other storage devices.


The tool can also get back lost or broken data from hard drives that are internal, external, or virtual. On the software’s official website, you can get it for free. A top-notch program can get back lost iPhone data with just a few clicks. You don’t require to understand much about computers to use the Disk Drill program.


On either hand, the device has some nice benefits for people who use it professionally. It lets them change different parts of the data recovery process to fit their needs. This software has great data protection features that make getting your iPhone data back on a Mac easy. This useful program also lets you use backups to get back permanently deleted or overwritten files.


Leawo iPhone Data Recovery


Leawo is regarded as the best iPhone data recovery tool for iOS devices for several reasons. With or without a backup, this program for Mac can help you get your iPhone data back in a few minutes. Users can also use the software to back up the data on their iOS devices on their Mac PC.


It can get iPhone data from an iTunes backup in 12 different file formats. For direct recovery from iOS devices, the format count is 6. You can get back removed or lost iPhone data in several situations, such as when data sync fails, the device is updated, the software stops working, the hardware is damaged, etc. 


You can also get your data back if you lose, break, or steal your iPhone. The Smart Filter feature of the software makes it easier to recover only the files you want. By typing the file names into the search box of the filter, you can load and preview the files you want to recover. The program has an easy-to-use interface that works well for both beginners and experienced users.


Part 2: Recovering iPhone data on a Mac without a backup


Step 1: Download software and set up programs.


After downloading, you can install the Quickly and effortlessly iPhone Data Recovery program on your Mac.


Step 2: Link your devices


After you start the program, connect the iPhone to the PC.


Step 3: Scanning is happening on the iPhone


Tap “Start Scan” to look for the lost files by hand.


Step 4: It’s time to recover.


On your Mac’s screen, the files you’ve deleted show up in order. Choose the ones you want to get back, look at them, and then click on Recover. This could take some time.




Getting your iPhone data back on a Mac can be done with various compatible application programs. Read about the best ways to regain your lost iPhone data above.


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