Review Of The Google Pixel 6A: Small Size, Excellent Performance Of The Year 2022

Review Of The Google Pixel 6A: Small Size, Excellent Performance Of The Year 2022

The Google Pixel 6a is among, if not the smallest, Android phones you can buy today. The phone’s price is one of its best features, along with how well it works and how good its camera is. It’s well made overall, and the screen is bright and colorful. The only way to hold it back is to only refresh at 60Hz.

Google Pixel 6A Specifications at a Glance

Before we get into the details of the Google Pixel 6A, let’s look at its specs on paper:

⦁ Display: 6.1 inches OLED
⦁ Chipset: Google Tensor
⦁ RAM & ROM: 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal Storage
⦁ Software: Android v12
⦁ Rear camera: 12.2MP + 12MP
⦁ Selfie camera: 8 MP
⦁ Battery: 4410 mAh
⦁ Weight: 178 grams
⦁ Dimensions: 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9 mm

Google Pixel 6A Design and Building

The Google Pixel 6A looks a lot like the Pixel 6 from afar. On the back, it has the same two-tone camera strip as the Pixel 6. At first, I thought the back was made of glass, but it turned out it was made of high-quality plastic.

Even though it’s smaller than most compact smartphones, the Pixel 6a is still a pretty big phone, especially compared to the huge Pixel 6 Pro. Its boxy shape is easy to hold thanks to the rounded aluminum edges.

It’s rough and durable, balancing out the shiny back, which can be slippery without a case. Even though it’s not often said, the camera strip goes left to right. This helps make the phone sit flat on a table, so you don’t have to worry about the screen wobbling as you move it around.

Google Pixel 6A Camera

The Google Pixel 6A’s camera is good for a phone that costs as much as it does, but not as good as the Pixel 6’s. It doesn’t have the 50-megapixel sensor that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have, but it still has two great cameras.

The Pixel 6a has a 12MP Sony IMX363 sensor and a 12MP ultrawide sensor. The Sony IMX363 sensor has optical image stabilization. On the front, you can see an 8MP selfie camera. The user interface of the camera makes it easy to use. Various modes are available, including portrait, camera, night sight, video, photo sphere, panorama, and Google Lens.

Some phones have trouble with this, but the camera takes well-balanced images with good color continuity between the ultrawide camera and the main camera. There is no optical zoom, but you get a 0.6x ultra-wide lens and a 7x digital zoom. The outcomes of this digital zoom aren’t very impressive and could not be very useful.

Even though the Pixel 6a’s ultra-wide camera isn’t quite as good as the Pixel 6’s, there is still a lot to like about it. With a 114-degree field of view, you can fit a lot into the picture. The Pixel 6a also has a great portrait mode, worth mentioning. The Pixel 6A does a great job of detecting edges. The background has just the right amount of blur, and the corners are clear.

Google Pixel 6A’s Battery and Charging

Regarding the battery, the Google Pixel 6A has a 4410mAh battery, which isn’t very big. Because it has a Tensor chipset, the Pixel 6A can easily last for a day of regular use and even for the second day of light use. An extreme power saving mode cuts off background apps and turns off some features to save even more power.

With casual use, like scrolling via Instagram, playing games, and making a few calls, I got about 7-8 hours of screen time. Now that you have to pay, things start to go downhill. The Pixel 6A can be supercharged at 18W, and there isn’t even a charger in the box. It takes too long to charge with 18W. From 0% to 100%, it takes about 2 hours to charge the phone fully.

The Google Pixel 6A screen

The Google Pixel 6A does have a 6.1-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, a 20:9 anamorphic widescreen, and about 431 PPI. The screen is very bright, and it works with HDR as well. For simplicity, the Pixel 6a does not have a fast refresh rate. Instead, it has a basic 60Hz.

Does a faster refresh rate make a difference? Yes, there is a clear difference in some situations, especially when you scroll through Instagram and Twitter. But it’s not a big deal when it comes to everyday use. The display on the 6a is great, and it’s bright enough that you can see it even when the sun is shining directly on it.

It is a top-notch panel that shows colors and details very well. The Pixel 6a’s OLED screen has deeper blacks and better contrast, which you can see when you play games or watch videos. The flat display has slim bezels all around it, and the bottom of the screen is a little bit thicker than the top.

Google Pixel 6A’s Performance

The Google Pixel 6A is powered by the Google Tensor SoC, which debuted in the Pixel 6. The Pixel 6a is a mid-range telephone, but its 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage give it the Performance of a flagship phone. The phone goes through everything like a rocket.

Thanks to its Tensor hardware, the Pixel 6a does a great job with most everyday tasks. When moving around in the operating system, there is no stuttering or lag, and the photos app and other apps start up quickly.

There are no flaws in the Performance, and nothing goes wrong at any time. It also gives you a smooth gaming experience, even playing games with many graphics. I played BGMI, COD Mobile, and Genshin Impact, all popular games. All the games ran well on medium to high settings, and I didn’t have any major lags.

Google Pixel 6A’s software and user interface

Software and user interface (UI) is one of the main ways. Pixel phones stand out from other phones and do better than other phones. Google Pixel 6A runs on Android 12, and it will be one of the first devices to get the Android 13 update, which is coming soon. Pixel phones, including the Pixel 6A, have software that the other Android phones don’t have.

It looks just as good and works just as well as a Pixel 6 Pro. There is no extra software on the phone that takes up space. You will have access to great features like Material You, a redesigned user interface with several new app icons, widgets, and color schemes that you can change.

You can also use the Recorder app, transcribing your conversations as you talk. The Pixel 6A’s always-on display is one of my favorite features, and what I like most about it is how simple it is. It shows the time, date, and weather; if you want, it can also show full app notifications.


With the Google Tensor chipset and a great camera, the Google Pixel 6A is the best phone you can get for this price. This phone is better than its predecessor because it looks nice, has a bright screen, and works better. As a Pixel device, it features one of the greatest cameras among intermediate phones and can rival much more expensive phones.

But the Rs. 43,999 price tag is hard to explain when the phone only has a 60Hz screen, 18W charging, and a slow fingerprint reader. But because it is a Pixel, it has an unmatched Android experience and a premium belief that you won’t find any other mobile at this price.

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