Buying New Xbox One Controller: All You Need To Know

The Xbox One came out in 2013 with the slogan Jump Ahead to let people know what they could expect: real, next-generation gaming. After figuring out what makes a good controller with the Xbox 360, the Xbox One took an already great idea and made it almost perfect. With this list of the best Xbox One controllers, you have many options depending on how you like to play games.

The competition often copies the Xbox One controller. It comes in a few different styles for different levels of hardcore gaming, whether you’re playing Halo Infinite on Xbox Live or the latest “Forza” game. There’s a controller for every next-gen gamer on the Xbox One. Here are some of the best Xbox One controllers on the market.

How Did We Select The Best Xbox One Controllers?


The great thing about Xbox consoles is that you can never be too late to the party. Even though the Xbox Series X/S is selling out quickly, there are still many reasons to buy a new Xbox One. For many, just getting Xbox Game Pass may be worth it. Here is how we decide which Xbox One controllers are the best.


If a controller works with Xbox Series X, it usually works with Xbox One and Windows PC. Even if the controller isn’t compatible, you can usually find a mod or hack on Google to make it work with the console you want. But not everyone likes that kind of thing, so it’s best if the game works on many consoles.


How will the controller hold up after hours of play if it doesn’t feel good right away? In a way, an Xbox One controller that is hard to hold could be a big deal since even cheap third-party controllers tend to copy the shape of the base model’s shell. Use one of the best gaming headsets with your controller.

Build Quality:

Sometimes, you don’t have to touch a bad controller to know it’s bad. If a controller looks cheap, it’s probably just as bad to use. Pressing a button should make a satisfying click and not feel rubbery or sticky, even if you do it a lot, like in a button-mashing fighting game.

If you throw a gamepad onto a couch or carpet, it shouldn’t break. After all, this is a competitive game. The rage throw will always happen. Controllers that are better made should be able to handle a few of these, as long as they don’t break.

Considerations When Purchasing An Xbox One Controller

Having wireless abilities

Not every Xbox One controller can connect wirelessly to a PC or Xbox. Some connect with a USB cable. Some gamers like this because it takes away any worries about latency. Check out the controllers to see if you can plug in with or without wires.

System Compatibility

As mentioned above, the best Xbox One controllers must work with Microsoft’s consoles and the PC. But that’s only the start. Some controllers can also be used on iOS or Android phones and tablets. If you’re brave, you can even use certain Xbox One controllers on a Nintendo Switch, which is almost sacrilegious.

Best Xbox One Controller in 2022

Overall best – Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

The Xbox One controller is very easy to hold for long periods. It’s strong and feels good to hold and use most of the time. But, like whole else, it has a shelf life, and serious gamers can use it quickly. Then there’s the Elite Series 2, Microsoft’s latest professional-grade controller.

It mostly keeps the same great design, but almost everything else is better. The sticks can be taken off, and the D-pad is more durable. Utilizing the companion app for Xbox One and Windows 10, the paddles can be assigned to any button on the controller. The whole thing has a finish that feels soft to the touch. There are places to hold it and places to stop the trigger.

Some people might look at the price tag and say that no controller is worth that much, and that’s fine. People willing to pay top dollar say that the Elite Controller is the best. It will last a lot longer than a normal controller and has a lot of cool features. The Series 2 also comes with Bluetooth, which makes it easy to connect wirelessly to your Windows 10 PC.

Best Bluetooth – The New Xbox Wireless Controller

With the controller that Microsoft made, you really can’t go wrong. Since the Xbox One S launch, Microsoft has added Bluetooth to the official controller, which has never been used well on the console. It does make it possible to use the controller with both a PC and an Xbox.

Especially helpful if you have Game Pass Ultimate and can play all the PC games that come with it. The new Xbox Wireless Controller continues the design of arguably the best controller ever made for any platform. The analog sticks are offset, and the size is right, so you can play for hours without getting tired.

The new update adds a dedicated share button, which makes it easier to take clips and screenshots than with the old controller and works the same on both the Xbox One and the new Xbox Series X. It also works perfectly with a PC, wired through USB-C or wireless Bluetooth. If you don’t like putting batteries in it, you can get a “play and charge” kit that turns it into a controller that you can charge.


No matter what type of games you like to play on the Xbox One, you’re likely to find a great one. The Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel is great if you want to go fast and feel like you’re in the game. If you must keep a few dollars, the PowerA Spectra Infinity doesn’t skimp on quality or ways to customize it. The Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 gamepad, which lives up to its name, is the best controller for the Xbox One.

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