5 Simple Ways To Maximize Your Gaming Potential

Are you a gamer who likes to play video games on your computer or smartphone? People worldwide have been playing video games because of the recent outbreak. Everyone has been working hard to get the most out of their gaming experience and have the most fun possible.

However, in this situation, having the appropriate equipment is necessary. PC gaming is the standard for people who want the best possible gaming experience and for people who are significant in playing video games and want to make a career out of it.

Although some mobile titles, such as Wild Rift, Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire, have a flourishing esports ecosystem, the gaming industry as a whole still has a ways to go before it reaches its full potential. Here are some useful hints and strategies for playing games on your personal computer, and if you want to learn more, you can always check out Battlelog. Co.

Some helpful hints and tricks

Utilize a game booster in your play.

There are a few apps on the market that you can download that will be able to help you with this. Use a speed booster to improve your gaming experience and achieve faster results in each game you play. Once downloaded, it will clean the RAM on lower-end computers. 

These are the most typical for Windows-based personal computers, and they can be obtained and installed at no price or at a very low cost. The amount of random access memory (RAM) at its max capability on your computer should be equal to twice that of most gamers. 

Memory space should be selected in the performance settings and the advanced options menus! After you’ve arrived, configure it to use both of your RAM slots. If you do this one easy step, you will notice an improvement in the quality of your gaming experience.

Cleaning the system regularly.

It is essential and easy to clean your computer system and your laptop. You have more area and space to move around when the performance improves! Incredible ventilation and cooling technology advancements are on the horizon for cleaner systems.

You have several different options for cleaning your system. For some people, this means scheduling a respected maintenance appointment for their computer equipment every six months. Your choice is entirely up to you to determine at this point. Utilize several kinds of cleaning products. 

A CC cleaner is a very common tool that may be used for removing junk files or doing small repairs. You should use it occasionally to obtain the most out of it and increase your performance. Most people who work in information technology recommend investing in a disc with 128 gigabytes because doing so is easy and does not cost much money.

Upgrading of Windows

It might sound ridiculous, but it does work! If you use Windows, you should make it a routine to check the update bar every once in a while. You might be surprised by some changes, but you must be calm throughout the update process because it could take a while to finish. 

Upgraded graphics and increased memory capacity The overall performance of your computer can be considerably improved by using an SSD. The more chips you earn throughout gameplay, the better the visuals will automatically be! 

Every participant must have at least 8 GB of space available; anything less than that might not be adequate. Before you make your next purchase, you should discuss the best ram graphic cards with a few different experts in the field of information technology.

Fix your computer’s hard disc.

Perform an internal cleaning on your device. Your hard disc may be infected with malware, but it could just have some dirt on it. If you clean your blades once every three to four weeks, you can guarantee that they will function well and run smoothly, providing you with the best gaming experience. Make sure your solid-state drive (SSD) card isn’t tampered with. On its own, it functions and executes without any problems.

Antivirus software may seem like common sense advice, but a surprising number of people are unaware that they have a bug on their computer or smartphone. Conduct a thorough audit of your computer’s operating system to assess whether or not everything is functioning properly. After you have eliminated the malware, the performance of your game will improve significantly.

Use a high-performance mode.

When we talk about high performance, we’re referring to how consistently good someone plays. After turning on your device, adjust the battery setting so that it is set to high performance. Your gameplay, in addition to its general quality, will see a significant uptick. To make your gaming experience more enjoyable, it takes a few clicks to activate this feature, which can be activated relatively easily.


I have faith that everyone who plays video games will find these, as well as our hints and recommendations, to be helpful. If you stick to these recommendations, you will have the best time of your life whether you’re by yourself or with some friends. Be patient both when you are washing your laptop and when you are purchasing a new one. It is necessary for both satisfaction and the continued pleasure of the game over the long term.

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