5 Buy Now, Pay Later Essential Software Features For Used Car Dealerships

When Howard Leavitt, the founder of AutoRaptor, was working as a dealership manager, he encountered many obstacles in his search for the CRM tools that would best meet the requirements of an independent dealer. During his career spanning 25 years, some software solutions were developed.


However, very few were able to suit the specific needs of buy here pay here (BHPH) and pre-owned businesses. Leavitt was dissatisfied with the sales solutions provided by third-party CRM programs. The oversized box software packages supplied more features than the smaller dealers required at higher price points.


while the smaller software packages did not cater to the needs of the buy here pay here businesses. Because they were awkward, difficult to understand, and threatening, few salespeople were able to grasp them. 


In addition to being prohibitively expensive, their primary purpose was not to move automobiles but rather to compile information. Leavitt, intent on finding a method of labor that was both more efficient and more effective, decided to create a system that would incorporate the positive aspects of manual and automated work.


Communication with the consumer and sales accountability through automation. To adjust to the disruption that the internet caused in the car industry, he decided to develop a web-based software solution for buy here pay here dealerships rather than the conventional hardware.


What is the result? Automator is a game-changing customer relationship management (CRM) system developed specifically for independent BHPH car dealers. The overarching goal was to create a robust and user-friendly software program for purchase here pay-justice transactions that are also cost reasonable.


  1. Customizable daily workflows in AutoRaptor can boost sales by up to 20%


You know that the salespeople at a buy here pay here dealership is responsible for more than just selling cars. They manage client satisfaction and retention initiatives while also organizing appointments, making phone calls, and scheduling meetings. 


It can increase the risk of making errors that lead to missed sales chances by multitasking; however, AutoRaptor’s action plan tools simplify setting up daily chores. Our dashboard makes it easier for your dealership to keep organized, ensuring that it is managed and nothing is missed.


  1. AutoRaptor’s automation tools ensure that no customer is left behind


Your salespeople are so busy selling to new clients that their efforts to retain existing customers take a second seat to bring in new customers. The automatic, pre-scheduled communication options and customized templates provided by AutoRaptor, on the other hand, make it possible for sales teams to be more productive.


They can make retention plans while simultaneously working on other prospects during this period. Dealer communications are sent out when and how salespeople wish, whether they are busy with sales meetings or daily deliveries. These communications can be sent through text message or email.


Your salespeople will have more time to focus on closing deals because fewer administrative tasks will need to be completed, and sales managers will be able to hold their teams more accountable (and increase profits) by monitoring every top spot, customer, appt, assignment, voice call, email, and text message in an intuitive dashboard.


  1. The AutoRaptor mobile app helps small BHPH dealers sell a lot


The fact that salespeople are no longer tethered to their desks but rather have the freedom to close deals whenever and wherever they choose is one of the primary reasons our customers adore the AutoRaptor mobile app. 


Our mobile app provides buy pay here dealerships with previously available features only to new car dealers, and it does so at a fraction of the cost. These tools include lead management, communications, and even the ability to begin a digital deal jacket.


The License Scanning Tool alleviates the stress of obtaining driver’s license images from crystal clear customers. The VIN Scanner Tool eradicates errors when recording VINs for deals or purchasing trade-in automobiles.


Both tools may be found on our website. These solutions help smaller dealerships save time, prevent frequent paperwork errors, and concentrate their efforts on increasing sales and satisfying customers.


  1. The capabilities of AutoRaptor’s campaign builder make marketing simple


Because of the capabilities we’ve included in our campaign builder, it’s simple for independent buy pay here dealers to target customers who are most likely to purchase. Perform a search and sort quickly based on various parameters, such as the car’s age or the lease’s expiration date.


Once a specific audience has been selected, your team will be able to create emails that are more targeted toward that group by using templates that may be customized. Accountability elements also assist salespeople in tracking each customer’s response while also allowing managers to assess which campaigns are profitable and ineffective.


  1. The lead management capabilities of AutoRaptor immediately increase productivity


Increase productivity while also boosting morale with AutoRaptor’s Round Robin feature, which distributes new vehicle sales leads in a manner that is both fair and automatic. Reps never have to wait for managers to assign leads, and car buyers are served promptly increasing customer satisfaction.


The best thing is that all of the leads are compiled into a single dashboard that is simple to use. Suppose your team can locate every piece of information from every source in a single location. In that case, no lead is ever forgotten, no opportunity is ever lost, and more charges are converted into sales.

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