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A Pro Makeup Artist’s Guide on Using Eyeliner

Eyeliner can even change the shape of your face. Some people want to but have never had the chance because they have never used eyeliner before.


But with a little practice, it will take some time. The more you use it, the better you will get at using makeup to look good on your own.


It doesn’t take lots to learn how to be an artist. You need to follow your heart, choose some colors, and follow a few simple steps. Step by step, we’ll learn about the whole process. There are a few broad steps to good eye makeup:

Master in white gloves work at eyebrows in beauty salon

Selecting a Liner

How to Apply Liquid Liner

How to Use a Pencil Liner


Choosing an Eyeliner is the first step in applying eyeliner.


Use a pencil liner to get natural and smudged looks that look like they were drawn on by hand.


In this case, pencils are easy to use because they work the same as any other pencil. Make sure to apply the pencil very lightly to get a natural look. Smudge a pencil to make your eyes look smoky or dramatic. You can use them because these don’t run into your eyes as liquid liners do. You only need to sharpen the pencil once in a while.


Liquid liner with a great appearance and clean lines.


A marker pen or a brush can help you find liquid liner, but you can also use it to draw. First, draw lines. Then, fill in the gaps with the second stroke of a liner to make them even. Liquid liner can be thin and natural, but it can also be thick and dramatic. To use a liquid marker pen, you don’t need much space. People who want to use a vial with a brush need a lot of practice to do it right.


For bold lines, consider a gel liner.


With a small brush, gel liner can be used to make bold looks like cat eyes or wings. The brush is simple to use. You should use a brush with an angled handle to apply the liner. Make sure to clean it to avoid eye infections.


Applying Liquid Liner


Shake the liner


Make sure the liquid liner has been mixed and shaken. Unscrew the cap to get the brush out. If there’s too much liner on the liner, wipe it along the edge to get rid of it.


Begin in the middle.


When placing the brush against the upper lash line, make sure it’s as close to your eyelashes as possible. Line the lash upper line with the eyeliner. Move to the outside. Do it twice, the first time with a pencil liner and the second time with a liquid liner, to make sure you get it right.


Make up for the missing area.


When you’re done with the outer corner, line your upper lash lines’ inner edge. Glue the second line to the first. A small-stroked drawing will connect lines and fill in as needed to make a single line look like it. Use a cotton sponge that has been soaked in liquid oil or makeup remover to fix any mistakes that have been made on your skin.


Lower lashline: Create a winged effect.


To make the look even better, you can add wings. Follow the curve of the outer lash lineup. As you need to, draw and fill in the wing. Longer wings make a high-strung look.


Straight wing line


You can use liquid liner to trace your eyelid’s outside edge with a card.


To consider wings, you may also use tape.


Take a tape and put it on your lower lash line to bend. The tape should go up to your eyebrow next to the outside edge of your lower lash line. Tape both sides before applying the liner to make sure it’s even. There is no right or wrong way to tilt the tape. Keep in mind that more tilt makes the tape look better. If you want to make your tape look less dramatic, cut back on the amount of tilt.

This is how to do eyeliner. Applying Pencil Liner: Sharpen the liner pencil when it’s time.


The sharpness of an eyeliner pencil can change how the eyeliner looks. Using a sharpened pencil, make a small, clean line. This will make your pencil seem like it’s rounder. Draw thick lines through a dull pencil. It’s best to use a pencil sharpener to cut the liner pencil in half. When you gently rub the pencil’s tip, you will make the pencil a little less sharp. Use a piece of paper or a piece of cloth.


Make sure you have a lined-up pencil.


To ensure the liner goes on smoothly, you must ensure the temperature is right. A cooler pencil makes writing easier with a softer and lighter line. When you use a warm pencil, you will get a darker and more pigmented look that looks better. Please turn on the hairdryer to its highest setting and point it at the eyeliner for a few seconds. This will make the eyeliner look like it’s made of gel. Please place it in the cooler for about 10 minutes to cool down. This will keep the pencil from breaking down and making a mess.


Hold the outside corner of your eyelid.


Place your fingers on the outer edge of the upper lash line. Gently pull outwards so that the eyelid is taut but not too hard. Make sure the upper lash line is straight. Raise your eyebrows so that your eyelid doesn’t block the lash line. Elbow the countertop to keep the hand steady.


Start in the middle.


There are two ways to do this: You can start at the inner corner of your eyelid and then move out to the outer edge. Slow down and use short strokes. To make your eyes show up larger, apply a lighter color to the inner corner of the upper lash line at the lash line. When you want to mix more than one color, use an angled brush to do it

Consider a tight liner for a more natural look.

Line the eyes with a small, thick line for a natural look. Only apply eyeliner to the spaces between your lashes on the upper lid to make your eyes look bigger. This will make your eyes look bigger without making a big line.

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