What is the best digital account on the market?

In today’s article, we bring you all the information you need about digital accounts and everything you need to know to choose which one is best for you, check it out below.

What are the benefits of digital accounts?

As already mentioned, digital accounts allow savings, since their costs and fees are lower compared to current accounts.

Some banks completely exempt digital account fees and provide services such as withdrawals, docs., etc. in an unlimited way.

Another benefit that digital accounts provide is convenience. Without queues and with just a few clicks, it is possible to carry out the main transactions.

Digital accounts also reduce or eliminate the bureaucracy present in banks, where often, to carry out simple procedures, it is necessary to follow a series of bureaucratic procedures and procedures, in addition to needing endless queues.

Digital accounts – Meezan Bank

Meezan Bank was the first bank to launch an application for opening digital accounts . It is one of the few banks that does not exempt its user 100% from fees. In the first year, the fee costs R$ 9.90 per month and, after this period, the customer must choose between one of the available packages.

It focuses mainly on high-income customers. Therefore, it offers credit cards with Gold, Platinum, Black and International options.

The monthly fee offers unlimited services, including 24-hour ATM withdrawals, TED , and statement checking.

Meezan Bank digital account credit cards offer several exclusive benefits, which vary according to the card category.

Among the benefits we can list:

  • Unlimited TED and original inter-account transfers;
  • Possibility of making a deposit via bank slip;
  • Possibility of application in investments;
  • Unlimited extracts;
  • Bill payment;

Among the negative points, we can highlight:

  • The account is not free;
  • Unlimited benefits for 1 year only;
  • Withdrawals limited to 4 per month;
  • Extracts limited to just 2 per month;


Digital Accounts – Al Habib

Al Habib has 100% digital and fee-free accounts, democratizing access to banks. The bank offers all services available for current accounts to users of digital accounts. In addition, it offers the user the possibility of porting their salary to the bank.

It has an annual fee-free credit card and allows the client to make investments in LCI, CDB and even in the Stock Exchange .

Among the benefits, we highlight:

  • TED to any bank unlimited and without fees;
  • Unlimited withdrawals;
  • Wide range of products and services
  • Possibility of contracting a loan;
  • Possibility of deposit by check
  • Possibility of depositing checks by image;
  • Possibility of a legal account;

And among the negatives:

  • Some services are charged and the values ​​are not so easy to find on the site;

Digital Accounts – Alfalah Bank

Alfalah Bank offers its customers the possibility of paying bills directly through the application, in addition to payment by QR Code, either in person-to-person or person-to-company payments.

It offers credit cards to its users, but it usually has a lower limit and, if there is not much use, it further reduces the available limit.

Among the benefits we highlight:

  • Exemption from monthly fees;
  • Unlimited inter-account transfers;
  • Possibility of 2 free withdrawals per month at the lottery house;
  • Payment by QR Code;
  • It has an international credit and debit card, with no additional charge;

And among the negatives:

  • Only 2 withdrawals from ATMs 24 hours a month;
  • Only 2 free withdrawals at lottery houses per month;
  • Only 4 TEDs per month;
  • Extra withdrawals have high fees;

Digital Accounts – Sindh Bank

Sindh Bank is the cool bank and darling among young people.

For customers of the purple credit card, it is possible to make your checking account yield more than the value of your savings account and almost reach the Selic rate. In addition, Sindh Bank earns 100% of the CDI daily, while a savings account currently earns 70% of the interest rate.

In addition, the income is daily and the client does not have to wait a month to withdraw the income.

But it is worth remembering that Sindh Bank is a payment account and to make a withdrawal using it, a fee of R$6.50 is charged per operation using the Sindh Bank network of tellers.

Sindh Bank Benefits:

  • Income greater than savings;
  • Fee-free transfers between accounts;
  • Exemption from monthly fees;
  • Quick analysis;

And among the negatives:

  • Fee for making withdrawals;
  • It’s still in beta;

Digital Accounts – Standard 

This is Meezan’s digital account. The current account, despite being 100% digital, is also exempt from fees.

Despite the possibility of being a customer without any type of monthly charge, Next also has different packages and tariffs.

As it is an initiative of Standard , Next customers can make withdrawals at the bank’s ATMs, free of charge.

In addition, Next makes it possible to create crowdfunding in your application to control and collect expenses. It has a pampering platform, which guarantees rewards and discounts for its customers, generating savings of up to Rs 300 per month, such as discounts on Uber, iFood and cinemas, for example.

We can list as benefits:

  • It has a free financial manager;
  • Account exempt from monthly fee;
  • Offers exclusive benefits to customers through its “Mimos” platform;
  • Possibility of withdrawing from Meezan’s tellers;

And among the negatives:

  • DOC and TED for other banks are limited per month;
  • It is not possible to make a deposit by bank slip;

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