The top PS4 and PS5 Games you can play today

The top PS4 and PS5 Games you can play today

What are the most popular PS4 as well as PS5 exclusive titles? PlayStation has offered some incredible exclusives on its gaming console all the period. Epic games such as God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Last of Us, Uncharted, and others have been released exclusively to PlayStation consoles. In the past few years, some of them have made it to PC but all of them have been able to get into our heads. With so many games to choose from, picking which to pick and which to keep is an overwhelming task. This is where we’re at. We’ve compiled an assortment of the top exclusive games on PlayStation.


If you recently bought the PS4 or PS5 (how did you acquire the console? ) You must definitely try these amazing games. The majority of PS4 games below are also compatible with PS5 games. PS5. There’s no order in this list. All games are ordered alphabetically.



Bloodborne is not for the weak-hearted. Bloodborne is designed to test your skills to the max. This is not a great decision to jump in without knowing what you are in for and it’s not advisable to avoid the situation for a lengthy period. Bloodborne makes you constantly adjust your strategy to the enemies that are ahead of you, just like Dark Souls. FromSoftware, the game’s creators FromSoftware made sure to leave no stone left unturned in making Bloodborne’s Gothic world in Yharnam and its myriad of creatures appear incredibly frightening. You must check this out if you want to test yourself.


Death loop

It’s “timed” exclusive to PlayStation 5. PS5, Deathloop makes great use of the console’s capabilities for ray-tracing to create a unique world Blackreef within the game. You’re Colt who has to complete eight tasks before the timer expires. The time is divided into four distinct time zones, including morning, noon evening, afternoon, and evening each with its own unique set of lighting and other elements of the environment that range from neon-saturated bars to dangerous streets. If you’ve played before within Dishonored, you’ll be familiar with the game. Dishonored series and loved it, Deathloop and its unique gameplay will push you to the limits.


Final Fantasy VII Remake

From Mafia from Mafia to Saints Row, almost every other game is offered in Remastered versions nowadays, even when you didn’t ask for one. However, this year’s Final Fantasy VII feels more like a remake than Remaster. The game does not just remove the turn-based combat however, it brings the action to real-time. However, it enhances the stories and the characters. It allows for more interactions with the characters and become familiar with their story and arcs more. If you liked the original game of 1997, and Final Fantasy VII, then Final Fantasy VII Remake should not be left out.


Ghost of Tsushima

Do you like traditional Assassin’s creed games Do you like Katanas with bloody samurais Are you a fan of Akira Kurosawa’s gems like Rashomon or Ran? If yes you should miss Ghost of Tsushima. It does not matter if you’re playing with either your PS4 or PS5 it’s a stunning Sucker Punch Productions game. It is breathtaking, especially if you’re playing with HDR support on your TV. The game is set in an expansive universe filled with side quests and is characterized by its fluid and precise gameplay. Ghost of Tsushima is simply incredible.


God of War

The famous God of War Hack and slash stories have been immortalized Kratos as a powerful warrior who didn’t think about tearing the powerful Greek God in a way that ripped him apart. The new version of the series from Santa Monica Studio not only significantly changed the direction of the series by introducing the world of Norse mythology and also introduced Kratos as an exhausted warrior trying to become the ideal father of the child of the god Atreus. The game’s story is constructed with no cut-scenes to seem like one scene. God of War’s combat scenes are thrillingly violent and there are a lot of interesting puzzles as well.


Horizon Zero Dawn

Robotic dinosaurs that are gigantic Are you ready. A post-apocalyptic future It’s a must. An emotional, heartfelt story Check. The critically-acclaimed action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn originally launched exclusively on PS4 but later became available for Windows. It’s Aloy an outsider that has been portrayed as a component of conspiratorial theories which threaten the human race across Earth. At the moment of its release, it was among the most popular games on the PlayStation console, which could take advantage of the full power of was PS4 and PS4 Pro. Horizon Zero Dawn was quickly loved by PlayStation gamers which is not surprising because it was released. Guerilla Games did an amazing job of letting players experience the huge map which was filled with creatures and massive robots dressed as dinosaurs.


The Last Guardian

Fumito Ueda’s The Last Guardian was released in the year. The game features an old man who is reliving the events of his childhood. The child is located in a quiet area of a cave. He isn’t the only one. The young man is accompanied by Trico who is a half-bird similar to a dog. He is in a bind and is hurt. The boy assists in liberating him by taking the spears from his back. We see Trico becoming accustomed to the presence of Trico while we follow the story. The game’s graphics are stunning full of relaxing and tranquil surroundings.



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