Dishonored 2 Review

Dishonored 2 Review

Today, many games attempt to be everything for every player. This is evident with Fallout 4, which borrowed extensively from Minecraft. We’ve seen this with the seemingly endless variety of open-world games from Ubisoft. We’ve witnessed it with every year’s version of Call of Duty which packs in three game modes, in the hope that you’ll be a fan of at least one of them.




There’s also Dishonored 2, a game that isn’t mainstream and has a mature plot and a compelling narrative, as well as political intrigue, and an astonishing amount of detail in its steampunk universe. Yet it can do a fantastic job of appealing to all.




Once again, you take on the character of Corvo Attano – the masked assassin who was also the protagonist from the original game who is blessed with supernatural powers however, this time you’ll opt to play as his daughter Emily Kaldwin who is also the Empress of Dunwall which is the city in which it was that the plot of Dishonored occurred. Dunwall finds itself in the unsavory situation that forces you through the surrounding islands and uncovers an evil plot.




On the way, you’ll find yourself infiltrating a shabby hospital that holds a myriad of sinister secrets and a meticulously designed mansion, with several hidden rooms conceived by a wicked genius and a conservatory ruled by a witch-like coven. Dishonored 2’s design for levels never ceases to be awe-inspiring in terms of its imaginative scenery as well as the various kinds of gameplay they allow.




Similar to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided the game lets you get into a frenzied state and inflict pain on everyone at the heart, or simply slide across the screen and go unnoticed. The latter does take a bit of testing and verification, it will result in what’s known as low chaos. The game’s world is a positive one and with a lack of security in the final level and a result that’s not too bleak. This makes you consider the way you approach the game, whether you’re looking for instant gratification employing the numerous options that allow offensive play, but can will result in a dark end, or a slow method that is more thoughtful and requires you to research enemies’ movements before moving from cover to cover to ensure a more positive end.




When it comes to powers, Dishonored 2 builds on the occult elements from Dishonored 1. It is possible to summon rats and stop time or teleport from one location to another using Corvo using the same set of abilities that you have used in the previous game. This is a great option for the player who is a bit sneaky. Emily has a unique game style. She allows you to transform into a creature made of pure shadow and suck memories out of the people in your path through the Shadow Walking Ability. You can also connect multiple targets and incapacitate them with one blow, which causes them to fall like dominoes, which is the reason the power is known as.




Similar to the original game, you’ll be given a particular objective to be able to complete in each area It’s up to you to determine the most efficient method to accomplish this. Do you hit a sleeping dart, rendering you unconscious and allowing for an immediate escape from afar? Do you climb close enough to cut them, ensuring that the task is accomplished, all the while destroying all enemies who are alerted? Do you look around your surroundings and find an alternative method of getting out of their way, for example, cutting their brains to a minimum or shutting them off to power? The immense satisfaction of finding alternative ways to put an end to the target and the resulting outcomes will add another dimension of nuance to the game.




In addition, there are Extra Actions. These are side-quests that you can complete in between your main mission. It could be robbing shops in the black market or taking an unidentified body from the authorities, they’re fun distractions that add a sense of excitement to the world of games.




In combination with the responsive controls, Dishonored 2 is great to play. Arkane, the developer Arkane has struck a great balance between being accessible to new players and keeping players interested to play another game. We’d like to do the same with the story. If you’re looking to find out what’s happening then you don’t have to play Dishonored however, it has DLCs too, particularly The Knife of Dunwall as well as The Brigmore Witches. The veterans of the series will be in their own homes.




Another problem can be the PC performance is unstable. Low frame rates and numerous crashes on the desktops even on computers equipped with premium video cards, like the GTX 1080 from Nvidia, can create a frightening situation considering the quality with which Dishonored 1 ran. The gap is significant enough to warrant not playing it on your PC at the moment. Although a patch is currently available in beta on the PC however, early reports suggest that it’s not fixing all the issues. We suggest playing on a console or holding off until the PC issue is resolved.




With a stunning, instant-to-moment experience and an amazing level design Dishonored 2 is worth checking out, provided that you’re able to enjoy it. Dishonored 2 is constantly evolving and innovating at the same time and brings addictive gameplay that is hard to match.




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