Wylde Flowers Review

Wylde Flowers Review

It’s the calm positive farming, life-sims, and positive farming like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing that have made these games extremely well-known. Maybe it’s because an idyllic life is accessible to everyone and that these games offer an opportunity to get away from reality, even in a small period. While certain farming and life simulations are accessible on iOS and its companion platform, Apple Arcade has been lacking games of this kind up to this point.

Wylde Flowers can be described as a brand new game that’s very similar to popular games of the genre, however, it has a unique and intriguing twist to the story. The main premise of the game is that you are in the position in the role of Tara Wylde, a former city dweller who moves back to the idyllic town known as Fairhaven to manage the operations of her mother’s land. There’s more to the game, which includes local relations, politics, issues of culture, diversity as well as inclusion, and, of course, the business aspects of managing an agricultural operation.


The game’s controls are as easy as they come and can be customized to your personal preferences. There are just two primary controls in this game: movement using an online joystick and tapping to connect with other players in the. Interactions can include talking to people and picking up objects and other tasks like watering plants operating machines, cutting wood or mining for metals, and buying items from stores. Moving around the island is tiring however it can help you collect objects that you come across and chat with the people you meet on the route.

Despite the ease of the controls, the game’s mechanics are a lot more complicated. You must keep track of times, days weather conditions, collection of objects and materials as well as the money you’ve earned and are available. You can also keep track of your energy bar which is replenished when you sleep in the evening (sleeping at a regular time earns you rewards) or drinking or eating. The food you consume can be provided to you, bought, or made using ingredients from your kitchen. In the later stages of the game, the bar that is referred to as the “magic” is also important.

Various Components

What impressed me what I liked the most from Wylde Flowers was its approach to the world. The main game’s main element is the storyline in which Tara Wylde has to assume control of her grandmother’s farm and discover the existence of magical powers similar to others in Fairhaven.

When you talk to residents, including old acquaintances as well as fellow farmers and even the town’s mayor Fairhaven You will discover that residents have a deep admiration for Hazel Wylde. But recent incidents have resulted in questions being asked about increasing xenophobia and intolerance within the community. The more you talk to people, even for a few minutes as you walk by a person and the more you’re likely to know about the community and the events that take place there.

It is also necessary to make decisions when you interact with residents. You may have to choose between conservative or capitalist beliefs, as well as following what you think is best. Residents themselves are a diverse group that spans all races as well as religions and sexual orientations. The depth and the element of discovery bring more to this game, beyond the basic farming skills and earning a decent living in a tiny and almost self-sufficient village.


One of the main themes that are a major focus of Wylde Flowers is the idea of leaving the city for the tranquility and peace of the village. There are a lot of other items that guide you to healthier habits. The use of herbal and vegan foods is likely to provide more energy than other types and, as is the case for every island that has a coast fishing is an integral portion of the food. Going out to eat is possible, however, it is more costly than cooking your meals at home.

Being punctual is rewarded with greater energy. Living on the land can be an investment that pays off and having good relationships with your neighbors rewards your efforts in surprising ways. What will draw the attention of players is the fact that nothing can be wrong in Fairhaven; the Fairhaven village Fairhaven is safe, and the residents are helpful and friendly and the most scenario could happen is someone likely Mayor Otto might speak to you in a way that is likely to cause you irritation.


It’s a bit odd that another farming simulation might seem unimportant given the number of excellent games within this genre. However, Wylde Flowers offers plenty of content to attract players in addition to its accessibility as well as exclusivity Apple Arcade. There’s a lot of character and depth to this game, in addition to the intriguing subplot of discovering your magical talents as well as learning to manage the farm.

Wylde Flowers is well worth installing for Apple Arcade for this reason and you can expect to put in approximately 60 hours of gaming time to finish the story. The game is also interesting because you can play game one (in-game) every day for a given time, which amounts to about 10 minutes of actual playtime as well as you shouldn’t be too confused or lost when you play it again. I highly recommend this game to you if you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber.


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