Best Desktop Games of 2022

Best Desktop Games of 2022

Are you searching for the top new games coming out in 2022? We have so many exciting new games coming out this year across all platforms. This keeps us awake into the early hours. From motion-picture blockbusters to slow-burning RPGs. A thrilling year lies ahead and we cannot just sit and watch.

However, considering how many new games are coming to consoles, and PC during the year it’s difficult to determine which ones you must be watching out for. Therefore, we’ve put together an overview of the most anticipated games coming out in 2022. It also explains the details of what they’re about when you’ll be able to access them and the reasons they’re likely to be worth your money and time.

Dying Light 2
It wouldn’t be a calendar year for gaming without at the very least one zombie-slaying game in addition to the sequel the 2015’s Dying Light is our savior.

The story takes place 20 years after the initial installment, Dying Light 2 sees players playing with Aiden Caldwell, an infected survivor who is trying to uncover the mysteries of his past and find his sister in a brutal and deteriorating world. Aiden’s quest takes the player into The City (the last remaining settlement of humans) It’s entirely up to you to decide if the protagonist is focused on his pursuit or if he decides to aid the survivors who remain by re-building the city. Dying Light 2 features an emphasis on choice and the consequences of your choices affecting the environment surrounding you and the plot of the game itself.

Horizon Forbidden West
“There’s no depth I won’t explore, no secret I won’t unlock,” declares Aloy in the breathtaking trailer for the announcement trailer to Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Zero Dawn was among the best games on the PS4 offering, with a gorgeous world that saw the future and past meet in a stunningly distinctive way, as well as the introduction of a protagonist (aka Aloy) that we hope will be around for years to be.

Elden Ring
Developer FromSoftware is continuing its string of notoriously challenging action RPGs (or Souls-likes, widespread as the word is today and with Elden Ring. The game is set in the world of fantasy that is The Lands Between, players will cut, hack, dodge, and navigate through the land in the hope that they will become an Elden Lord.

If this sounded boring and typical fantasy fare do not worry. George R.R. Martin The modern-day bard himself has written the novel. After having seen his ability to create worlds within A Song of Ice and Fire We know that we’re in good in the hands of Martin. There’s also a chance that his name will inspire a lot of non-gamers to take on Elden Ring.

Grand Turismo 7
The next installment of Sony’s top racing sim is coming soon and is set to be one of the best due to the capabilities that come with the PS5. Yes, Gran Turismo 7 is coming to PS4 as well, but based on what we’ve seen thus far, the latest hardware from Sony makes the racing game appear and feel more real than it has ever been before it comes out in March.

With Gran Turismo 7, players can develop their skills through single-player races before going online to compete against the best gamers in multi-player games. This is a fairly straight-laced racing title, not unlike the Microsoft-developed Forza Horizon 5, and is one that racers should keep an eye on.

It was originally dubbed ‘Project athia the forthcoming action RPG caught our curiosity when it first came out during Sony’s PS5 games launch in 2020. It’s been able to keep pique our interest as time passes.

Forspoken will feature actors who play the part in the role of Frey Holland (played by Charlie’s Angel’s Ella Balinska) as an aspiring New Yorker who must harness her newfound powers of magic to endure what Square Enix calls a “thrilling, otherworldly adventure” in which she tries to find her way back to the gorgeous, but brutal Athia, the land of Athia the place where she’s been taken.

Saints Row Reboot
In the beginning, we were supposed to have access to Saints Row at the beginning of February. Saints Row in February, however, we’ve got another few months to wait until we can get our hands on the wild action we’ve come to anticipate from Volition’s chaotic play area.

It’s not an unrelated entry in the series. The latest Saints Row will be a remake (though it appears to be following the design of the original game loosely). The first two games of the series began as a more focused and grounded approach to the gangland war, but then Saints Row descended into fighting aliens, battling people with phallic objects, and other nonsense. New Saints Row is something of both.

It’s not easy to imagine that Bethesda has announced a brand new RPG, separate from The Elder Scrolls and Fallout However, this is the case. The film is described by filmmaker Todd Howard as “Skyrim in space”, Starfield looks to continue Bethesda’s legacy of massive action RPGs, with a completely new world in the constellations (rather than Khajiits)

At first, we were glad that there wasn’t another Skyrim remake. The trailer for Starfield, however that was revealed at E3 2021 shows that there’s something worth looking forward to. Exploration is a constant concept throughout The Elder Scrolls and Fallout games and Starfield appears to be taking it to a whole new level. It’s quite literally. The trailer depicts an astronaut getting aboard his rocket and preparing to travel to the next frontier.

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