JBL Tour One Headphones Review

JBL Tour One Headphones Review

JBL is probably most well-known by its name in India in the form of car stereo systems and wireless speakers however, the company’s headphones and headphones are equally popular. With a wide range of products that start at the price of Rs. 1,000 to more than Rs. 25,500, which covers a range of features and design elements, JBL has something on the market for those who have a budget or need. Today, I’m going to review the most popular product from JBL’s audio line which is, the Tour One over-ear wireless headphones that feature an active noise-canceling feature.



Control Buttons

The best over-ear headphones are usually very large, to completely wrap the ears of the wearer completely and ensure a secure fitting with the right amount of noise cancellation. It is also helpful to ensure that the headphones aren’t too bulky and bulky, so they are comfortable and comfortable for long periods. It’s the case with JBL’s Tour One. JBL Tour One does manage the balance, thanks to an aesthetically pleasing design as compared to the previous flagship Club One headsets.



Only available in black The JBL Tour One looks and is very elegant. The headband and ear cups are predominantly matte black with reflective black stripes accentuating parts of the earcups as well as the space just beneath the headband. JBL and the ‘Tour One’ logos can be observed in various spots on the headphones and the bottom of the headband’s leatherette is padded to ensure convenience. The headset is lightweight and comfortable to wear during long listening sessions. However, I had to change my lenses to assure that the sealing against noise was in place.



The pairing and power functions are controlled via an adjustable switch located on the left side in JBL Tour One. JBL Tour One; flicking the switch to the middle will turn the headphones on, and keeping it for a few moments in the lowest point places the headphones in pairing mode. There are also buttons to adjust the volume in the right earcup and a button that can be customized to the left. There’s a 2.5mm socket that connects to the stereo cable that comes with it to listen on wires, as well as a USB Type-C port to allow charging.



The battery life on JBL Tour One was excellent. JBL Tour One was excellent. It lasted around 30 hours on one charge, with active noise cancellation turned on and volume set at moderate levels. However, this may vary slightly based on the frequency you use. The charging process was fairly quick as the headset could go fully charged in just two hours using the cable that comes with it as well as a power adapter of 10W.



Sound Quality

Premium headphones expect a high-quality sound as they do not disappoint. The JBL Tour One largely delivers in this regard, offering the most neutral and flexible sound. However, the absence of support for more advanced Bluetooth codes held these headphones back in regards to clarity and clarity of the sound, contingent on the device from which they came.



I utilized JBL Tour One for listening to JBL Tour One for music calls, video, and other content using my iPhone 13 as my primary source. I also connected the headphones to an Android smartphone as well as a MacBook Air on occasion to use as a reference. Through the application, you may modify the sound for certain purposes such as watching movies or listening to music. It helped improve the experience for each user slightly better.



My initial impressions of the qualities of JBL Tour One were fairly neutral, but as time passed and listening to music from different genres, I came to appreciate its well-balanced sound. While listening to Everywhere You Take You from The Avalanches, I enjoyed the way the headphones could adjust to the different paces of the track. The slow buildup of vocals in this track was smooth and refined. The headphones were able to adapt almost effortlessly to their more energetic, pulsating sections.



In the outdoors, especially when walking in the street The JBL Tour One did an excellent job at reducing sound so that I could hear audiobooks and music with clarity. It also allowed me to carry out proper conversations over phone calls. The ambient sound and talk-through modes permit you to hear the surroundings without taking off your headphones. However, the sound was a little artificial and was unnecessarily amplified in noisy areas. Bluetooth connectivity was stable for distances of up to 4 meters for me.




The premium segment of wireless headphones is controlled by a few brands like Sony, Apple, and Bose. With a long-standing reputation in the world of headphones in this price range, we were lacking a quality choice from JBL up until the present. Its JBL Tour One is, to my mind an excellent set of wireless active noise-canceling headphones that cost the price of Rs. 25,000. It has a clear sound signature that is balanced and has good active noise cancellation outside, great battery life, and excellent features, such as an extremely detailed and comprehensive companion app that lets you adjust the sound to suit your preferences.




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