Dying Light 2 Review


Dying Light 2 Review

Dying Light 2 – Stay Human — available now on PCs and consoles — may have a second “2” in its name, but it’s not a successor. You don’t have to be a newbie to Dying Light. The “sequel” doesn’t necessarily require you to play the first title. There aren’t many similarities to it. While they do refer to some familiar faces, there aren’t many similarities in gameplay, combat, or interactions. Dying Light 2 Keep Human can be played as an independent title. The story takes place 20 years after Harran was infected by the virus. Although scientists had a chance to develop a vaccine for the original disease, some chemicals were mismanaged and a new virus was created.



Aiden is on the lookout for Mia his little sister. Mia was lost to Aiden when a certain doctor conducted savage tests on children under their age in an isolated facility. He eventually finds his way to Villedor which is overflowing with undead and has buildings that are on their last legs. Split into different factions, the city is divided into fighting for water towers, electricity substations, and other resources. Because the Peacekeepers (PK), believe their leader Lucas was killed by the Survivors, two factions are set to go to battle.



Dropkicks, here and there in the game

Zombie games are known for their ability to slash at the undead using guns, swords, or other weapons. Dying Light may have all this, but that is not its main selling point. What is the difference? Parkour. Aiden is the ability to swing from one rooftop onto another easily, although the stamina mechanism is a little frustrating. It makes sense story-wise. Locals have built safe shelters on rooftops and are equipped with weapons, UV light, vegetation, and other tools for when they need them. The undead lurk in the streets. Just like the first Dying Light, it is better to not cross streets, but rather jump from rooftop to rooftop. The zombies get stronger as the night falls and they start looking for fresh blood. For those brave enough, missions done in the dark can bring you XP.


These skills can be unlocked through side quests or stories. Each quest awards you a specific amount of XP which, over time, builds up into one point. Multiplying parkour movements increases the parkour points. Additionally, fighting off infected and enemies adds combat points.



The mechanism


While the storyline of Dying Light was decent, the combat felt a little awkward. Techland has made combat and parkour much more enjoyable over the years. No longer does it feel awkward to sling weapons at human or infected enemies. When combined with fighting skills, District 13 stage action is conceivable.



Compared to zombies, humans seem less intelligent than their enemies. When fighting in 1v3, humans prefer attacking individually to attacking in groups, which is easier. This makes it look like a Bollywood action movie scene.



Weapons and Skills Modes

It is not enough to just throw people off the roof. While you are playing hours of the game, you will accumulate an arsenal full of melee weapons. You can choose from a two-handed or steroid-powered baseball bat, as well as other weapons. A broken weapon cannot be repaired with the Dying Light. You will find many of them as you go along. Dying Light2 Stay Human allows you to modify weapons in a sparkly way. The sparkly way I mean is literal sparks. Power shots produce a surge of electricity that stuns your enemy. This gives you enough time for a few more hits.



Three slots can be used to modify weapons, namely the grip, shaft, and tip. You will need the blueprint and the weapon to create a mod.




The Dying Light 2 storyline has a fairly standard plot. There are some nice choices-based dialogues in the game that add some flair, but not enough. Aiden is required to travel around the city, doing dirty work for the factions. The factions do not seem to be willing to reveal information even after they gain trust. This seems to be a way of stretching the game. The characters in Dying Light 2 Stay Human have been quite well-rounded, and you will be able to meet lots of them while on quests. Some characters stay for several chapters, others are only there for one section.



Dying Light was well-known for its night cycle. The latter is naturally scarier. This is also part of the sequel. Dying Light 2: Stay Human has separate night-time missions that can yield great rewards because zombies are stronger in the dark.


Aiden’s survival sense is a useful add-on that helps players who often get lost. In addition to hidden files and boxes, investigation mechanics can be used to highlight footsteps in the darkness.





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