Best Action Games for Computer in 2022

Best Action Games for Computer in 2022

At one time PC was the thinking man’s gaming console. There you could play deep strategy games like Civilization or StarCraft and innovative first-person shooters like Doom as well as Half-Life. For action-oriented games with flash that you could play at the arcade or playing on the console. Now, you’re able to play almost anything you want on your personal computer. The most popular PC games are action-packed.



The genre of action is difficult to define. Action games include a lot of combat, but they aren’t exactly combat games or beat ’em ups. An “action-adventure” game might include narrative or exploration elements, but often games relegate the name to gaming or role-playing regions.



Batman: Arkham City

The middle of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy does an outstanding job of balancing a rich, thoughtful level design and more of an open-world Gotham City for the Caped Crusader to explore. You’ll encounter recognizable villains, including Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange, and the League of Shadows. The game’s constantly evolving combat system is enjoyable to fight through groups of generic goons as well as Henchmen.




Hideki Kamiya essentially created the chic character-action game concept by releasing the first Devil May Cry. Together with the team at PlatinumGames, the well-known Twitter troll elevated the genre to new levels by launching Bayonetta. You’re a sassy witch who slays angels using attacks conjured by her hair. Don’t let the absurd tone make you believe that it’s a joke. You have to master the intricate and diverse combat system to stand at a shot (and appear stunning when you do it).



Daemon X Machina

Big robots are the best for everything and that’s not just video games. Daemon Ex Machina is a modern twist on classic mech action. The game features mechanical opponents on stunning stylized battlefields, equipped with weapons, missiles, and occasionally a laser sword. After a battle is over you can collect new equipment from defeated opponents and customize your mech to be ready for the next battle.



Darksiders III

The first Darksiders was a great combination of Zelda-style adventure, God of War-like combat, and enough tales to make Doom into the shadows. The dark legacy lives on in Darksiders III, a game that lets you play as Fury as one of the Horsewomen of the Apocalypse. Based on the previous Souls game, Darksiders III focuses on intense battles against small enemies, instead of endlessly killing huge hordes.



For Honor

Underneath For Honour’s bleak tone is a pounding heartbeat of an excited child. The game of combat is about having knights, Vikings, and samurai battle each other, just as well as smashing your most-loved historical action figures. But For Honor isn’t an insanity-free game. Utilizing these heavy melee weapons requires a lot of perseverance and a plan because one mistake can spell your death. Try your hand at it by playing solo or playing in online multiplayer games.




In this cyberpunk-based first-person combat game, you’ll swoop across arenas while you cut off enemies by using your sword. If you get hit once but you’re back where you started. The harsh punishment doesn’t always work well with the unsettling first-person platforming experience as well as combat control, however, when everything works, there aren’t many more enjoyable games.



Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Don’t forget the stealthy, sneaky gameplay that made up the Metal Gear games. With Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance You’ll cut and tear through foes using the sword of your cyborg power. The next time around, no one will be able to complain about playing in the role of Raiden rather than Snake. Even with creator Hideo Kojima in charge, the plot is full of absurd conspiracy theories. The wilder, funnier tone is perfectly matched with the fast-paced action.



Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection

It is worth noting that the Ninja Gaiden games feature a unique combat system that incorporates branches stun states reminiscent of fighting games and precise controls, resulting in difficult titles that are different from their peers. If you enjoy your action-packed and challenging games, then Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is the game for you despite its shortcomings.



Nioh 2 Complete Edition

Nioh 2 is an excellent action game that blends intense combat, high-quality RPG elements as well as character builder based on gear. It takes you to an era of Sengoku and demons that is filled with exciting combat. With a variety of weapons, powerful magic spells, as well as amazing demon abilities, Nioh 2 is a thrilling action game with a tremendous replay value that will keep your interest for many hours.



Resident Evil 2

If you’re in search of an action-horror title that will keep you in the driver’s seat then look at this game. Capcom created a game that feels fresh and modern but is remarkably true to its predecessor PS1 classic.



The game lets you fight fierce abominations in the Raccoon City Police Department, using powerful and satisfying weapons, and take pleasure in the stunning visuals that bring new life into the famous locations. Resident Evil 2 is easily one of the top games of 2019 and is a must-have game that should be in your collection.





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