Best Games Under 500MB

Best Games Under 500MB

Gaming is among the most rapidly growing industries across the world. If you’re searching for the top-rated high-quality android games under 500MB, then certainly consider our hand-picked list of the same. I can assure you that you’re going to be delighted if you have chosen one of the games from our list. This list was created because there are many games with less than 500MB available in the Play Store and some of them are truly exciting, and others are dull too. To save your time and data and also to save your time, we’ve created an identical list.

Shadow Fight 3

The game is a 2D game where you can equip your character with armor and weapons to take on your foes. You must traverse its map to locate your ultimate foe. Learn about the various methods of fighting and mix them to create your distinctive style of fighting. Find the right weapon to take on the boss. It’s just 111MB, which isn’t much, but the game has a lot of things to accomplish.

Cover Fire

Cover Fire is an offline game for players who love guns and gunfights. The players are always the leaders in the game and have to lead their team to take on foes. There are many ways to play, such as helicopter shoot or shooting at the trains. Cover Fire brings many modes along with it. The sniper elite mode can be used by all kinds of snipers that want to play to play a great game for snipers. It’s a first-person view game with excellent graphics. It is an option for people who don’t have a reliable broadband connection for playing multiplayer games.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The game was loved by everyone as a PC game, so the team decided to release an app for mobile devices. The game plays the same as it is on PC. The players are required to design their village, home, or house on a virtual world, just like a PC. It is a multiplayer game that allows you to interact with your fellow players that have similar versions of the game.

Devil Hunter

The game came out on March 30, 2020. It’s a game that features characters. Players must choose an opponent to defeat the enemies, and then beat the opponent. The game has two modes: PVP and PVE. In PVE, you can play a narrative mode that is a story mode and the PVP mode is a one-on-one game mode. In PVE mode, the story begins with low-level adversaries and then ends with a battle between the kings and bosses.


If you’re a cricket fan, then this game is ideal for you. It is the best game in its field, that is cricket. It’s under 500MB, which is entertaining due to the graphics, visuals as well as variety of modes available. WCC Lite is a lighter version of the game. You can build and manage your team and participate in tournaments all over the globe. This game has numerous teams, stadiums, and tournaments. You can play against AI or other players playing in multiplayer.

Drift Max Pro

This game is also suitable for racers. It’s a 3D racing simulation. You must cross the line first, but after that, you must move your car around to earn more points. The game has an array of scenarios, maps, and even says like airports, cities, and so on. You can pick various cars. You can modify your vehicle to run better. It’s got such great graphics that you could play for endless hours playing this game without becoming bored. You can pick tilt options or the button options as you wish on your mobile in this game.

Dead Target

This game is all about zombies. It’s a futuristic-themed game where it is revealed that in 2040, the zombie apocalypse is about to begin where you must combat zombies to save the world from their destruction. The game provides 3D guns that can kill all zombies in the area. You can pick your preferred gun to battle zombies. You can upgrade these guns so that you can fight zombies of higher levels. This is an offline game, so it is possible to fight zombies whenever you’d like.

Clash of Clan

COC is enjoyed by millions of players across the world. The game was initially exclusively available for iOS, but it was released for Android as well. The game is all about building your village and building an army to defend your village from other players who could attack you and take your resources. There is a long time required to construct troops or any other elements of the game. Therefore, it’s not for those who are looking for immediate outcomes. The players must be patient to play this game. You can take on players who are of the same level as you to win trophy prizes as the game determines the players’ rank based on the number of trophy awards.





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