UPSC Geography Optional Book



UPSC Geography Optional Book

UPSC Geography Optional Book – Geography is a well-known non-compulsory paper selected via UPSC aspirants each 12 months. Almost every year, one will find an array of toppers who have efficaciously cleared their UPSC Civil Services Examinations with flying colorations with Geography contributing significantly to their endeavours.

Although the achievement price every yr oscillates among extremes including 3% and eight% even, this has not seen a dip in the type of applicants selecting said non-compulsory. This is typically because of the overlap in syllabus content fabric with UPSC initial checks and mains General Studies Paper I.

UPSC Geography Optional Booklist

There are several alternatives in the market you may pick out from in phrases of having geared up a custom Geography non-compulsory booklist. The UPSC non-obligatory syllabus is split into 2 papers – paper-I offers with the ideas of the geography of the world and paper-II gives particularly with Indian geography. There are also some books that create the lowest for each of those papers.

General Geography Optional Booklist

 NCERT Geography Textbooks – 11th & twelfth necessities

 Physical Geography – Mr.Savindra Singh

 Human Geography – Mr. Majid Hussain

 Models & Theories in Geography – Mr.K.Siddhartha or Models in Geography – Majid Husain

 The Orient Blackswan Atlas

 Oxford Atlas

 Spectrum’s Geography Guide (Choose and Pick as an useful resource)

 Economic and Social Geography Made Simple – Mr.Rupa Publication

 Shankar IAS Notes

Below is the subject-smart booklist for UPSC Geography Optional Paper-I:

Physical Geography

1.Geomorphology, Climatology, and Oceanography – Physical Geography with the aid of Mr.Savindra Singh

2.Contemporary regions in Biogeography and Environmental Geography – Current Affairs

Human Geography

1. Perspectives in Human Geography – Human Geography with the resource of Mr. Majid Husain

2. World Agriculture and Food Security in Economic Geography – Models & Theories in Geography by using the usage of Mr.K.Siddartha or Models in Geography thru Mr.Majid Husain

3.Typology and Causes and Effects in Economic Geography – Certificate Physical and Human Geography through Goh Cheng Leong

4.Population Geography – Human Geography By Mr.Majid Husain

5.Settlement Geography – Spectrum’s Geography Guide

6.Regional Planning – Mr.Shankar IAS Notes

7.Models, Theories, and Laws – Models & Theories in Geography with the aid of Mr.K.Siddartha or Models in Geography by means of manner of Mr.Majid Husain

Customized Booklist for Paper-II: Indian Geography

Below is the subject-sensible booklist for UPSC Geography Optional Paper-II:

1.Settlements – NCERT and Spectrum’s Geography Guide

2.Regional Development and Planning – Mr.Shankar IAS Notes

3.Political Geography – Mr.Shankar IAS Notes

4.Contemporary Issues – Current Affairs

5.Physical Setting, Resources, Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Communication and Trade, Cultural Setting – NCERTs & Indian Geography via Mr.D.R. Khullar

How To Effectively Utilize This Booklist

Now which you have a simple concept on which books will manual you thru which additives of the syllabus, beneath is a short communicate on the way to first-class utilize some of the books on the list:

•Indian Geography with the aid of D.R. Khullar – This e-book is supposed to be studied as in-intensity reference fabric to the NCERT books. It isn’t always necessary to go through the entire ebook in detail. Choosing chapters that immediately correspond to the chapters in training 11 and 12 NCERT books. A cursory analyzing, along side the use of maps as a reference is right enough to cover most of the Paper-II syllabus.

•Books via manner of Majid Hussain – These books are in excruciating detail. So it is essential to choose and pick out topics to study from instead of spending greater time going via the entire fabric.

•Atlas – A favourite with maximum toppers is the Orient Blackswan Atlas over the Oxford Atlas. The motive said is that the Orient model has some greater facts and info that the Oxford version lacks.

•Made Easy Series with the resource of Rupa Publishers – Not all chapters need to be studied from those books. However, reading the landforms and soil geography element from those books is notably advocated.

Geography Optional Preparation Tips

•Start analyzing the NCERT books. Read via the NCERT books from magnificence 6 to ten. The sizeable 11 and 12 NCERTs are fairly precise and intended to be read as part of the precept sources.

•Always have the Atlas by way of using your issue while reading Geography, especially Indian Geography. Moreover, paper-II has quite a bit of current affairs associated sections.

•There is a obligatory map-based totally query asked in paper-II, it’s miles a amazing concept to realise the locations of the information on a map and it subject also help you in your GS preparation for mains as well as for prelims and also help you in your career to know the geography and make policy according to the topography of your posted place.

This is close to approximately exhaustive assessment of upsc Geography Optional Booklist. By following this and tweaking it constant with person strengths and options, any severe aspirant can make sure that their optionally available marks play a prevailing function of their IAS achievement tale.




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