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Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG)


Battle royale apps have witnessed a stratospheric surge in popular appeal in recent years, but Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) – the title that probably started the trend alongside Fortnite – is currently coming along nicely.

The smartphone gameplay is currently free to enjoy and has huge popularity with kids and youth, with over 50 million regular active users globally — so what are the consequences?

What exactly is it, & how does it perform?

PUBG Mobile offers a traditional battle royale layout: 100 participants are dumped onto a battlefield in groups of 4 players and must gather supplies and defeat the competitors until they are the only ones remaining.

The visuals have been considerably downscaled from the PlayStation and computer version, but everything else has remained almost identical. While Fortnite has a much more cartoonish appearance with a focus on construction features, PUBG has aimed for a more harsh, serious look with a focus on weapons.



The Story Behind “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

Many people’s first exposure to the term “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” came from playing PUBG. But, this well-known term was not coined by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The story of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is claimed to date back towards the 1930s. During that era, the normal stake at casinos was $2, which was barely quite enough to cover the cost of a chicken supper. Participants who won their games had enough money to enjoy chicken that evening.



Is there something to worry about?

Enjoying online games may be quite stimulating for youngsters, particularly during days when interacting in person is difficult, however, there are certain hazards associated.



Violence: The gameplay isn’t very gruesome, but it centers around murdering fellow opponents using a wide range of weapons, thus PEGI has granted it a 16+ recommendation. If you’re unsure whether you want your youngster to enjoy PUBG Mobile, seek up several clips of the game – or install it for immediate and play a few matches.


In-game conversation: Almost all of the time, youngsters will be competing with outsiders in their team, which, even though not detrimental in and of themselves, can lead to unpleasant circumstances when a battle reaches its stressful closing seconds. Members of the team can talk through audio or message chat, so if the game is going poorly, your youngster may be treated with very foul language. From our perspective, several PUBG Mobile participants are very passionate, and rookie players may suffer mental harassment if they can’t communicate. Muting players is possible using the option on the top right of the display.


Microtransactions : Because PUBG Mobile is technically free, it earns revenue through virtual goods and premium content. Those micro-transactions have no effect on performance and only provide players with accessibility to decorative items such as ‘skins’ (outfits for their games character) and animations. The game extensively advertises these promotion techniques, so youngsters may be lured to transfer actual cash into Battle Points (BP) that can be utilized to purchase in-game things.


How could I make my kid’s PUBG Mobile experience safe and secure?

It is critical that your youngster understands how to behave whenever confronted with a challenging circumstance through online gameplay.

If players encounter anything unsettling during a PUBG Mobile battle, such as trolling or receiving sexually violent texts, they may flag it at the conclusion of the game.

Whenever the participant is on the final statistics display, and there’s a little option in the underside area with a red border that indicates ‘Report.’ Press the option, pick the teammate in question, and provide a brief explanation of their actions.

Make sure to tell your kid that they can also contact you when they suffer a negative web encounter or if they possess any queries about anything they’ve witnessed or experienced within the game.

Building your kid’s online resilience is perhaps the best efficient strategy to reduce the likelihood of them being harmed as a consequence of stuff they’ve seen or witnessed online.

This includes assisting kids in recognizing while they’re in danger, knowing how to engage and ask for assistance, learning through their events, and recovering when situations go bad.

The Parent’s opinion on PUBG Mobile

While the smartphone edition of PUBG is a touch awkward at times in terms of visuals, the game is fascinating and reasonably simple to learn.

It performs an excellent work of compressing all of the elements you’d assume from a third-person gunman into a smartphone interaction, and we had no performance glitches while running it.

For many individuals, enjoying PUBG Mobile alongside a team of their pals may bring to certain unforgettable gaming memories, though one element drastically taints the enjoyment. Banners pushing you to purchase games products flood folks as soon as folks load up the match and between bouts. It’s natural for a free service to push its special benefits, however, the pop-ups are just too relentless.





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