Battlefield2042 Backlash Disaster : End of Beginning

The backlash of any product is becoming common nowadays but we have seen that if any product starts backlash during its launching stage, then that backlash becomes a great disaster for the future of that product. Sometimes it has been noticed that after the backlash the product gets totally blocked and when it’s come to the digital version of the product or if the product is digital then totally disappears from the market. The developer of Battlefield, which is a popular gaming series in youngsters for PC, is also seeing major trouble related to the backlash issue. In this article, we had covered a full story regarding this great backlash. We will also analyze loopholes that are also playing a major role in becoming this product a disaster for their developers. What is the full Story – Recently we noticed the great Hype in the PC gaming market after the announcement of the new Battlefield PC Game. Developers had announced that they will launch a new version of the game which will not have any update. It will be a dedicated game based on a new and completely different storyline. As

the promised release time given by developers the game was released earlier due to the huge demand of users. But after some time of launching the digital version of Battlefield 2042 on Steam which is the global pc game provider, the Developer faced great trouble in the form of backlash. It seems that developers had launched a game before final testing. The game was also stocking while testing on our own devices. The game is also not capable of compatibility with high-end devices which is the negative point of the game and we also think that this is the only main reason why this game is getting a backlash from their own users.

Is this the Complete End of Battlefield 2042 –

In our opinion, I don’t think that this is a complete end to the battlefield 2042 game. In the past, we had also seen that other games also faced backlash for example in 2021. Recently in this month pubg new state also faced major backlash after shutting down their server but it was a Temporary backlash, talking about the example of permanent backlash then sony camera is also a good example. Developers can also shed their service for some time and fix all loopholes and work which is present in the game and they can also start with a new beginning. It is quite the same as the rule of life where my life goes to eat and to start another life.

Next Steps by Developers –

Users of this game can also understand that as a fanboy of Battlefield’s popular gaming series, it’s very common to present a bug in the game. We have also seen that cyberpunk users also forgive developers providing them with unstable games. The possibility is that the users of the Battlefield 2042 game will also forgive their developers for giving such false hopes. But if developers really want to bounce back in the sector then they should remove all the boxes in the current game and they should also refund users’ money

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