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Exploring the soldier’s life on a Battlefield is now becoming a trend. It is our real battle or it is a battle inside your mobile phones. Battleground games are now giving this opportunity to live the soldier life and become like a brave fighter. But Somehow developers are taking advantage of the popularity of online multiplayer games negatively related to Battleground. Developers are trying to make a game that does not fulfill with recommended features and present it to the gaming audience via Google Play Store and Apple app store. Honestly talking about it this way is right but only for their profit reason. It spoils the Legacy of online multiplayer games. Today in this blog we are talking about one of the most popular battleground games which are available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Getting Started and Synopsis –

Coming directly to the features is not quite interesting. So first let’s talk about the synopsis of the game. Usually, Gamers say that this game is a copy of Players Unknown Battleground Mobile which is another successful online Battle Royale game, but the reality is quite different from the actual one. Garena free fire game was launched earlier than the launching of Players Unknown Battleground Mobile but somehow, Players Unknown Battleground Mobile had become most popular in less time, and Android and IOS users started forgetting about Garena Free Fire. But still, it’s not the actual end of this immersive game. Garena free fire had made a massive comeback by collaborating with Indian actor Hrithik Roshan for their movie war especially to attract an Indian audience. Game developers also introduced characters related to this movie which are customizable in the game or during the gameplay.

Hidden Facts About Gameplay –

At the launching of Garena free fire: Booyah Day some of the countries were demanding a ban on this game. The reason behind the ban was obvious. In many of the countries, people don’t understand the E-Sports Culture, and data charges on those countries are too high and no one wants to invest their hard saving money for such a Game. But after too many bans demands developers had made a successful attempt of launching Garena free fire: Booyah successfully worldwide.

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About Gameplay –

Coming directly to the performance during the gameplay will not be fair to this game because the story behind the development of this game is as interesting as the performance of the game. While during the gameplay we don’t face a minimal lag on high-end devices but talking about the low-end devices we had noticed frame drops. But talking about the heavy gaming of Garena free fire: Booyah, the game will run smoothly for about 4 to 5 hours depending on battery backup on high-end devices. Elaborating on the storyline of Garena free fire: Booyah, the story is quite similar to PUBG Mobile and Other Battle Royale Games. So Gear up Your Gaming Accessories, Ready your Mobile Devices, and take a counselor experienced in your portable device.

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