Teaching Jobs to Choose

Teachers. Our ‘Second-mothers.’ The second to our parents, whom we can trust. They shape our lives and mold them into remarkable journeys. They love and nourish our tender minds and preserve our innocence.

Teaching is not just a job to take a lesson, conduct tests, and then storm out of the class like a boss. It is not a job to show off your knowledge and superiority to the kids; instead, it is answering their curious questions with delicacy and humbleness.

The life lessons they impart to the children are priceless. Even if one child learns one lesson and then that child teaches that to someone else, and if the cascade of good is carried on, their job to change the world one step at a time is done!

Kids are very observant of their surroundings. They constantly study what they see and hear and try to comprehend the meaning of things. The smallest of overlooking may have heavy consequences at a later point of time in their lives.

The pressure of being a teacher is equivalent to that of projecting perfection. Talk with confidence, walk with dignity, and carry yourself with panache; these are all the things a soft mind needs to learn.
No matter the salary or the status of being on the board of members of the institute, one kid down the wrong path will haunt the teacher for the rest of their lives.

It is also observed that the majority of the teachers are females, especially for kindergarten, considering they have better emotional evaluation and understanding of kids naturally.

Foundations are laid very early in life. They are the base level for the next steps to be applied in the future, and so they must be firm and strong.

Parents with a heavy heart send their children to school, very skeptical at the beginning, to handing their child to some unknown person. Still, they slowly understand that it is vital for them to socialize to develop socially and physically and gain experiences.

These experiences will build the choices, thought-process, mindset of their child, which are the future steps of their lives. Hence, it is significant for both the parents and teachers to make the right decision for the pupil.

For the parents to understand their child’s needs and for the teachers to comprehend the needs and fulfill them.

Through their school and college years, these foundational morals are built by the constant polishing of students by the teachers. This refinement results in exceptional successes.

The foundations have now cemented, and there is no more chance to change the contours any further. Now is the time where teachers are mentors and confidantes. Gone are the days to hold your hand and help you walk.

The teachers now take up the job of only showing you what the right is; short reminders so that you may reflect on your roots and come back to the right path if you have gone astray.

New roles as career guides or matchmakers (funnily enough) are what the teachers define. The students are mature and adult enough to make their own decisions and take control of their life.

The teachers have now transformed into the designations of ‘lecturer/professor,’ who do not encompass the emotional capacity of the word teacher. They only mean a person who teaches the subject to the best of their ability and done. Their job is finished.

One might think that with the amount of emotional investment of teachers in their students, they must have loads of money and added incentives. Unfortunately, the case is not so.

Unless the teacher is a principal or a board member of the foundation, they are paid just a nominal amount with no extra rewards and gratuity. Very unfair seeing that they are responsible for the future-builders of this world.

In this day and age, numerous openings are accessible, but very scarce of them are aware of their role in society and the authenticity of their jobs.

Aspirants aiming for landing jobs in the teaching world must be very wise and sensitive of their students’ thoughts and channelize them.

The world needs more toempathy and humility.

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