Jobs: The Indian Scenario

India is a collection of divergent and mixed cultures. Known for its numerous dialects and languages, it is considered one of the most diverse countries to exist in today’s contemporary world.

The Education system of India is also renowned and famous on different continents. Several students migrate here to pursue postgraduate and higher studies. Impressed with its tourism or religiosity, some of them permanently shift to live here.

The provision of education is as necessary as the provision of jobs. One without the other is like, beginnings without endings. Both go hand in hand and are interdependent.

The Job scenario, when looked into, is not quite what one would expect in comparison to the standard of education imparted. Finding jobs in this country is the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack.

The present Government of India is regarded as very controversial when it comes to offering new Jobs and Employment opportunities.

Every year thousands and thousands of students complete their degrees with their hearts full of hopes and dreams, their parents, their family, and their native people. Still, unfortunately, a significantly less percentage of them can fulfill them.

Though the Government has passed laws and taken many steps and measures in creating new vacancies, at the time of implementation, they fail to honor their promises, shattering the vivid images of a successful future in the eyes of the hopeful.

While on the other hand, the money-greedy Private Sector loots students worse than robbers and makes them lose their wits.

Donations upon donations are extracted at the time of admissions. Then during the academic year “special fee” is to be paid, blackmailing them that if they are unable to do so, they will not be issued their hall tickets, indirectly hinting at failure in exams and wasting a year of their previous education.

After facing all these unnecessary obstacles, when the time comes to reap the fruits of their painfully sown seeds, there are still no jobs available, or even if they are, the same corrupt cycle of empty vows and bags of money are exchanged with fraud “Recruitment Services.”

FLARE-UP IN IT (Information Technology) COMPANIES
America. The wealthiest country in the world works with some of the prominent companies in India, most of which are again internationally owned but hire Indians. They utilize the resources of our country, in this case, Indian natives, to do their work.

Let’s pause and ponder why this situation has come to occur. Does it mean that there are not enough job vacancies in Indian companies? Could this reaffirm the suspicion of severely diminished funds of the Government concerning government jobs?

Yes. These could be the possible conclusions we may arrive at, and it is precisely what America took advantage of. They did a thorough study of the ins and outs, starting from how an Indian baccha/Bacchi began their education and how they visit the ‘hiring officer’ countless times until their chappals are worn out.

With the dull and dim ‘noes’ hearing from the company after company, the bright ‘yeses’ of foreign IT companies brought radiant smiles on the faces of the jobless. It did not matter to them what the origins of these were. They wanted a job, and they got one—no buts and ifs. And so, the flare-up in hirings in IT hubs came about.

Feminism. Women Empowerment. Words that have become so overused that they have lost their true meaning. The ‘working women’ aspect of it has been so abused and twisted that its purpose has been completely and utterly destroyed.

A women’s job application is first noticed for the tick in the ‘F’ box for the gender, and from there, it’s just downhill. Her qualification, knowledge, and skills are just waved off like a fly.

Surprisingly if the application has somehow managed to reach the hands of the interviewer, they would just try to find loopholes (or even go to the extent of creating false ones) just so that they can say ‘No’ and move on to the more promising candidates; meaning the Ms and not the Fs.

The deep-rooted ‘values’ of how a ‘working women’ is put down has further added to the already scarce opportunities. They have been so ingrained in our minds that a snap of fingers won’t just make them vanish in thin air. Constant tweaking in our everyday activities may hopefully one day make us reach the goal.

Job is not just earning money to buy a mansion or have the latest car, mobile phone, or own Zara and H&M clothes or show off. It is more than just a column to filled as ‘employed’ along with a six-figure salary written in your matrimonial bio-data.

It is a dream for the underprivileged and a goal for the determined. It is a destination for the undeterred and a trophy for the persistent. We need to respect that.

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