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‘Sharing is Caring.’ One of the oldest sayings to exist. Even before the civilizations were formed, we knew that ‘Caring’ is an attribute that is innate to our being. It is not something that can be acquired, though maybe dormant, is fundamentally present in humankind.

One form of caring may be headed as ‘health.’ A person is said to be healthy when mentally, emotionally, physiologically, physically, and biologically free from any illness or injury—a challenging state to achieve indeed.

Worldwide, healthcare systems are the finest they have ever been. The people of today have worked hard to raise it to where it is now and continue to better it further, one day at a time.

With the increasing branches of healthcare in various fields, subjects and studies also evolved, giving rise to brand new careers and opened up posts for numerous state-of-the-art professions.

Healthcare includes a wide range of angles. It begins with a minor stitch from a fall to transplantation of the heart, from counseling sessions for drug addicts to drilling holes in the bones. It is a massive universe continuously changing.

Each station requires a different set of hands, based on their qualification, experience, and interest. A Vet cannot treat a cancer patient, nor can an anesthesiologist mend a fracture. A specific role is assigned to each individual, and straying from that will start a chain of accidents.

A person working in a healthcare network has to be spontaneous, street smart, and wary of any complications.

The first thing that comes to mind off the bat are doctors and secondly surgeons, but healthcare is more than that. It is inclusive of all things that make a person live a better life than before. This could mean even the advice of an older one to a kid in good spirit, but we don’t specify that as a job since there is no paycheck.

Surprisingly enough, not many people may know this, but the most deserving are the least receivers in reality. Salaries for healthcare workers and specifically the esteemed doctors and surgeons, the people assume to be richy-richs bathing in money, are actually on the top of the list for underpaid employees. Though the hospital they work in may be rich, it gives the wrong idea that the doctors are well off (unless they are at a high post or own the hospital itself).

Now that we have covered the doctors and surgeons, let us look at other lesser-known jobs.

The right hands of doctors and surgeons. Often, they are more competent than doctors and surgeons. This may appear confusing to some readers, considering they work ‘under’ them and not ‘over’ them.

The above-mentioned ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’ again makes us question how ‘progressive’ we are since progressivity should be measured by knowledge and ability and not position, am I right, or am I right?

Another stereotype seen is the fact that nurses should always be females and not males. The extent of this so-called modernization can also be questioned on hearing the case of a patient who refused to get treatment from a male nurse just because the patient ‘thought’ that they are better caregivers or is ‘used to’ being treated by female nurses only.

Facing such adversities and then being underpaid, two hefty burdens on their already responsible-laden shoulders, but sadly that is the way of the world.

Oh, how the world needs them! Mental health has been the new hot topic of discussion, the old trying to pass it off as a ‘phase’ and the young persistent in explaining it as something ‘very real.’

This category includes counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation officers, researchers, clinical social workers, and the list goes on.

The gravity of maintaining stable mental health is deemed unnecessary by some and overrated by others. Neither should be the case. It should be given just the right amount of attention required, balance scale not to tip the scale of balance.

Yes, their fees are through the roofs, and their prescriptions are costly, but all these are only and only for your betterment and not theirs. They are putting their mental health at risk by treating yours, and they deserve a little more than others, to be fair.

Some of the lesser-known healthcare jobs are – flight nurse, cytotechnologist (prepare and evaluate tissue samples and check for disease), perfusionist (operates lung and heart machines which are substitutes for patients that require life support), hospital cleaning crew (behind the scene job but very pivotal) and many more.

Not all can be brought to the front lines and mentioned every time, but each one is essential for the entire system to work efficiently without any interruptions.

The job of a health worker is crucial and in no way should be underestimated or undermined. You do not know the path they have taken to reach where they are now, and you cannot even begin to imagine the sacrifices they had to make for public benefit. Always keep that in mind.

In the end, they too are humans who can commit a mistake, that doesn’t mean their shortcomings are justified, but that also doesn’t give you the right to judge them and hold them responsible recklessly and with half the knowledge of what actually happened.

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