Jobs: Engineer Jobs to Choose

A prestigious occupation to be one and also be a part of. Some of the greatest inventions to be witnessed by earth come from engineers.

When it comes to the job aspect of engineers, there have been mixed reviews recorded. Depending upon the country you live in, the ranking of an engineer varies with the availability of jobs related to engineering.

The country’s economy is also influenced by the number of engineers inhabiting that particular country and the designations they are assigned to.

The worth of an Engineer is not defined by their bank balance but their contribution to the betterment and convenience of people.

A kid assembling a lego robot is called an engineer. Yes, he is. The idea of the building makes him one and not the assessment criteria we have set. The definition is not limited to the fact that an engineer is supposed to be in their 20s, lanky, and can fix the bathroom bulb.

Any and every person who has an idea, skills, and understanding of how a particular thing works and, to some extent, its functioning can be called an engineer.

A plethora of categories has taken birth since the dawn of ‘The Engineering Era.’ Some of them that deserve a mandatory mention are Mechanical, Instrumentation, Medical equipment, Aerospace, Aeronautical, Nuclear, Chemical, and the list is endless..’

All of these are dependent on each other in extensive terms, i.e., when we look at the world as a large system of continuous workings.

At the beginning of the ‘I want to be an Engineer!’ craze, the tech world was overwhelmed with joy. The thought of thousands and thousands of students passing out as engineers had made them dream of huge turnovers and a nitro boost in launching gadgets.

This did last for a good decade or two, and then the downfall began. Literally, in every household, an engineer was found, and the sad part of it was that they were unemployed or on the bench for months together without any progress in their arsenal of skills.

They eventually had to look for other odd jobs like riding taxis, putting up barbershops, supermarkets, or convenience stores. A very minute scale of people did get jobs but not in the stream of their degree. For example, a civil engineer had to take up a job in an MNC.

These effects are seen even today, but an alternative they have found is moving to other countries where there are more opportunities from their native places at the cost of being away from their loved ones.

Even the thought of ‘female engineers’ makes some of the male engineers cringe. The exact words they say are precisely or at least close to – ‘How can a girl study maths, calculate finances of production costs and stand in the hot sun for long hours? They are too delicate to do such hard work.’

Well, these guys need a brush up on the history of engineers, specifically the female ones. They might find it astonishing that they did exist.

Emily Roebling for taking part in the building of Brooklyn Bridge, Martha Coston for the signaling flaring system, Lillian Gilberth for improving kitchen and household appliances, Mary Anderson for windscreen wiper, and the list goes on are some of the revolutionizing ladies of the past.

The point is discriminating females based on their gender is unfair and not very helpful, considering you wouldn’t have a wiper on your car if it were not for a ‘lady’ to get the genius idea. Skill and knowledge, two essential criteria that are enough for judging a person on their ability. Rest else shouldn’t matter.

Engineering jobs are tough to get and even harder to maintain. It being common doesn’t mean it has lost its worth. Not every engineer graduating is worth building a rocket with. Each person has their place to fulfill, and no one can replace that.

Increasing the vacancies for engineers is the best way to go about it in today’s challenging times. Freshers should be given a chance, and they may show promising results, further than your expectations. If every company wants an ‘experienced employee,’ where will the freshers go? Think about it.

The responsibility of being an engineer is not to be taken lightly. They hold as much importance as teachers in future-making.

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