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How Does an Air Conditioner Work, Air Conditioner System Diagram, a lot of people think that there is such a machine that can be installed anywhere and can be cooled, many people do not even know what it is, And bay means we get scared towards him, if you want to know how to do such a thing, then remain on my blog whose name is.

How Does an Air Conditioner Work 2021, Nicola Tesla discover AC, yes it is humans who invented things like Deathray, the invention of AC provided people with another means that can cool their body with cool air in summer, There is also AC available in the market that vents hot air in cold weather and cool air in summer.

But it takes a lot of money, window AC split AC cassette AC portable s in the market at the moment Are getting priced depending on their capacity.

An AC consists of two fans, a compressor 2 Coil, a circuit board is present, if there is an AC window, it has 2 fans but the motor is the same, in addition there are some wires that drive them. Air Conditioner System Diagram, How Does an Air Conditioner Work What is the compressor.

The compressor works in the same way as a motor, the only difference is that thE motor has a side pump but both coils in the compressor are connected to the compressor, the gas inside the compressor coil is connected to a coil. Helps pump to the second coil, meaning gas carries out the refrigeration process.

What is coil:
If you have open the AC, then you will definitely see some pipes inside it, which are made of copper or aluminum, in fact, it is called Coil, AC has two Coil. , And another Coil takes that heat out and releases the hot air into the air through the fan.

The cooling coil inside the air draws the hot air inside the house, and passes it to another cuckoo through the compressor, then the hot air goes out of the house due to the fan moving, and through another friend Cold air comes inside the house.

When you turn on the AC, you set a temperature in it, and the circuits inside it evaporate the hot air in the house and provide an electric supply to the compressor until the air in the house cools down, There is no intelligent thing, if you want, you can run the AC even without the circuit board, in this you have to completely remove the circuit board and connect the compressor and FAN to the electric wire.

Received, but you may have to sit until indoors until the whole house cooling it, and you must turn off the AC itself, otherwise, air will begin to freeze ice by cooling. You would be surprised to know that when AC was first made, it was not so small, and it was not designed for home use at all, in the old days.

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The big companies used AC to cool their big machine. Used to be AC, then gradually as the world changed technology became more advanced, it became smaller and smaller, and its name is also recorded in the daily use of household goods. Done.

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